Gut Check

Praying this morning, I got to thinking about complaining. I complain a lot. I wasn’t always like this, but recently I think I have gotten a lot worse. I made a point this morning to try not to complain. Then I forgot about that plan.

I went for a run on the treadmill while the baby took her morning nap. It wasn’t my best run and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I sent my husband a text complaining about the run. Then I noticed an alert from my runkeeper app. I checked it, and right after my run had posted, my husband had commented “good job.”

Wow. What a gut check for me! i did a good job. He is proud of me. I should be proud of me. Because I did SOMETHING. Even though I’m still adjusting to the treadmill, and even if my treadmill runs are never as good as my outside runs, I still did something. And that is nothing to complain about.

So here’s to starting over with today’s pledge not to complain. It’s a beautiful day. It’s 10:30 and I’ve already worked out. We are having icecream at church tonight! It’s time to be positive.

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Getting Started Again?

I enjoy writing. I truly do. I also enjoy crafting – more specifically, sewing – even more specifically, quilting. I realized this morning that I have no idea how many quilts I have made. When I was first getting started, it was simple to count. But here I am 3 years in to my quilting journey and I have no idea. In an effort to keep these records, I will be reviving the dear old blog. I wouldn’t look for regular posts and I won’t be committing to anything crazy. Let’s keep it real, I am not the best blogger. But I am working on updating my finishes pages as well as adding a WIP page. I would love to be able to look back on what I have made and the internet seems like the most clutter-free place to store everything! I’m not saying no to blog posts, but I’m being realistic here! ha!

So if any of you are still following, hi! I’m here! I had another baby. Did I mention that? I moved to the country before the baby. I’m not sure if I mentioned that either. All is well in my world and I look forward to documenting my quilting journey a little better.

A Quilty Finish

The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild issued a challenge a few months ago. We were to take a traditional quilt block and “make it modern.”

Yesterday I finished the binding on mine.


I admit this qas quite a challenge for me.

The block I chose was a Dresden Plate. This is a block that has always intimidated me. I have never challenged myself to make one because, to be honest, I am not a huge fan of them. I have seen some great modern versions on blogs, but nothing I was in love with.

Piecing the plate was SO much easier than I had imagined. It went together quickly and I like the look of doing all one color.

After getting the top  together, I admit I was not a huge fan. I didn’t hate it, but it certainly didn’t appeal to me. I suppose that is the nature of a challenge, and so I pressed on with basting and quilting.

I had a few ideas for quilting but finally settled on echoing the plate design. Because the quilt is new born size, I wanted the quilting to be loose and the final feel to be soft and poofy.

After finishing, I love this quilt. I love the look of it all. The quilting really brought it together for me. Sometimes I see a flower, other times I see the sun.

I also love that I did not mark my straight line echoing. I used a walking foot, but I did the lines and angles without a guide. I like the slightly organic look to it. Straight lines, but not perfect.

The quilt finishes close to 30×30 and is destined to sit on my shelf until I make a decision on where it goes. This is the first time I have made a quilt without an intended recipient. It was fun.

Finish Friday

I have 2 finishes today. Both were started this week, and one was started today!

This quilt is for a yet-to-be-born little one. The back is a stretchy fleece-like material that I will never use again. Ever. I like the way the finished product turned out but quilting it was a beast!




The started-and-finished-today project was a set of quilted letters for a sweet girl’s first birthday.


They will fray up nicely when they get washed.

WIPW – Granny and a baby shower

Last week my husband’s grandmother, Granny, passed away. She was, among other things, a quilter. In cleaning the house for guests, my MIL brought me a few bags of fabric. I found these blocks inside.


They are foundation pieced on muslin. The bag also had extra strips and more muslin squares.

Thinking about her, I got to work. This is what I made.


These will be pillows for Grandad (her husband) and my Mother in Law.

In all the craziness of the last few weeks I completely forgot that my friend’s baby shower is this weekend. Oops! They do not know if they are having a boy or a girl so I had to go neutral.


This is what I came up with. I have never worked with HRTs before so it was a learning curve. I do like the way it came out.

The fabrics are a mix of my stash and some from Granny’s house.

I am hoping to finish the top today at nap time, and get started quilting tomorrow. I am considering not using batting and having a flannel back. I have never done this before and I’m not sure how it would affect FMQing.


Working with Granny’s fabric has been therapeutic for me. Prayers for my family would be appreciated as we cope. I also would love some feedback on how to quilt the pillow cases. I would like to highlight the squares she made (one per pillow). I was considering quilting over my 3 squares and leaving hers without but I am unsure as to what would compliment.  Any ideas?

Friday Finish

Riley Blake Designs posted a simple sun dress pattern on their blog. I had some large scale yardage hanging around with no use. I give you…


My first dress!

The pattern was so simple. It came together quickly. There are a few adjustments I need to make for the next time, but there WILL be a next time. I can see having a closet full of these for summer.

Work in progress Wednesday


The rainbow quilt is coming together! The rows are pieced and it is time to put it together. I still need outer borders (one with the perimeter wings and a solid white beyond that). I love it!


This is some fmq play on a trivet for a friend. I based the design on (aka copied the idea from) living water quilter on instagram. Check her out! She is so inspiring!


I have 10 of these pieced and cut out (so 40 little squares all over the place). This is my block design but i am still playing with the placement.


I think that is it. I am hoping for a trivet and 2 pot holder finishes by Friday AND I have a fun dress to share!

Work In Progress Wednesday

I have been a busy little bee trying to make progress on my rainbow pinwheel quilt!


I got all of the base pinwheels made this week. I also played with the layout to find a good randomness to the solid backgrounds. To me they feel like a glimmer off a gem. I hope this is not the final layout because looking at the picture now I don’t like it! Ha! But this is an older photo (days old I tell you!) So who knows what I did since then.


Here she is on the (too small) design wall. I don’t have the room to spread it all out yet, but you get the idea on the left.

I have decided to sew it together in rows. The purple and red pinwheels are attached with their wings in between. Any other wings are just stuck up there for effect.

I will end up with long rows of pinwheels and rows of wings that I will put together. Then I need to figure the outside border with wings for the perimeter pinwheels. After that, I think I will add a final all white border so that none of my tips get cut off in binding. I think it will give it a better look to be floating in a sea of white… and the size addition won’t hurt!


This isn’t the best shot but you can see a little better how the pinwheels will play together.


I have piles and piles of HSTs to trim for the wings. I haven’t begun to cut my background whites for the interior (between 4 pinwheels there is a small square of negative space) or for the borders.

This quilt is for a May wedding so I have time. I am enjoying the process on this one a lot. I got so angry at my HSTs at the beginning but it is becoming soothing to me to work on.


The next project on my table is another May wedding quilt. A great friend gifted me the fabric for this one. I have jelly rolls for the front and FQs for the back. I am thinking about doing the 3 Dudes block on the front with borders. I may just lay out the FQs in a giant 16 patch for the back. I want it to be calming after the business of the front.


The other option I have come up with for the back is this grid pattern. It would only use 14 FQs. But before I figure out the back I have to make decisions about the front.


I started working on these as leaders/enders for my pinwheel rows. I divided the strips into “light” and “dark” piles. A few of the batiks run from dark at one end to almost white on the other, but it is MOSTLY divided.

Right now I am stitching them together in light dark pairs. Then i will combine pairs to get groups of 4. Then… I’m not sure.


The pattern calls for sets of four, but it looks like using more would just make for bigger blocks. I THINK that is right. But I don’t want to cut into it and find out I’m wrong. Plus, will I like it with more stripes? Decisions decisions!

I found a beautiful teal in my stash that I will bind it in. I think it is going to be great!

Saturday Finish

Because I couldn’t get pictures Friday…



I cut this a long time ago not knowing for sure who it was for. When I received an invite to a childhood friend’s wedding, I knew this would be perfect.

I enjoy making wedding quilts. I know they are not typical. They are not bed quilts (intimidated much?) And they are not any set design. But I love the process of piecing while I think about the hapoy couple. Praying for them as I quilt. Sending the quilt off in the same way that I send my friends off to their new lives.

Edit: it is Tuesday but I promise I wrotr this Saturday. Apparently I am not so great at remembering to post…

WIP Wednesday

The cold or the flu or ome nastiness has had my family for over a week. In that time i managed to LOSE a quilt. My husband found it in his car…? So if you are wondering if I have bound the wonky log cabins yet, that would be a no. But at least I know where it is, right?


Yesterday and today I did get some work done on my pinwheel quilt.  Here it is on my design board. Not so impressive but you can start to see where it is going.


I think it looks much more impressive as a pile of rainbows right now.


And for a quick reminder, this where we are headed.


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