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Crayon Roll-up

{The Roseland Family}

Remember how I was going to make a tutorial to explain how I made the crayon roll for my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday? I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat about that!

Well the bad news is, I didn’t make the tutorial yet. But the good news is, I don’t have to!

Please go check out Jenni @ Roseland Family! She has posted a great tutorial that is pretty much the same way I do it – only a little better.

So thank you Jenni for the great tutorial and for the tips on how to make my crayon roll-ups even better!


*Please note: The photo used is from Jenni’s tutorial. This is her design and her finished project.

>Simple Apron! I love her!


HELP! I save pictures facing the right direction, and when I upload them to Blogger, they’re either upside down or turned 90 degrees! Any ideas what’s going on?! This is driving me crazy!!!!

I wanted to take a second to show you the pretty apron I made this past weekend! I love her! I think I should name her… would that be too weird?
I haven’t been sewing a lot lately. Can I be completely honest here? I haven’t been sewing because I *have* to watch 6 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy this month. I *have* to, becasue I haev a free trial to hulu + and if I don’t finish it by the 28th of this month, I’ll have to pay to watch it. Dave Ramsey says no. So… I am watching a lot of TV on my computer. And not doing a lot of sewing. This past Sunday, I decided that needed to change. I miss sewing. (And yes, I know that if I want to sew I can. It’s just that I really want to catch up on Grey’s and really don’t want to pay for it. So, it’s a choice that I made… and any complaints are really just kidding because if my biggest problem is that I have to chose between sewing and watching TV any given night, my life is pretty good.)

After church we ran by JoAnn’s to use the last of my gift card. Since I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to make, I picked up some bias tape in black and white. I figured one of those colors should match some fabric that I have, and that would give me a starting off point.

I found this pattern for a simple apron. I think I had found the original pattern a while back, but then I lost it. When I saw it on another blog, I decided it was time to make one! (I wish I could remember who it was who recently made one of these, if it was you – and you talked about how great it was for wiping snotty noses – let me know and I’ll link to you too!) In the stash of fabric I got from my Grandma there was this country checker print with farm animals. I thought it was super cute but not at all my decor style. Perfect for my first apron attempt!
All in all, the pattern is pretty simple and straight forward. I will warn you that, for a newbie sewer <cross out> sewist (seriously y’all, what is the word?!), taking a few weeks off of sewing kills you. What is a straight line? How do you sew it? How do you pin bias tape again? How do you fold fabric over 1/4 inch and press? It was like I’d never made anything before! I mean, I’m no professional, but I do have a couple shirts, skirts and a bag I love and managed to make! If you were to look closely at my bias tape, you would think a 5 year old sewed it on. But it holds, it is machine washable, and the thread and trim are both black so you can’t tell anyway. so there!
My apron looks great (although how can you tell with this upside down picture? *sigh*)! It’s a little dark in these pictures – no natural light when you sew after bedtime – but I really like the colors. The pattern is great too because it hides anything I wipe on it. I’m not a messy cook, so I don’t really *need* a full-cover-everything apron. This one is just perfect for me to wipe my hands on as I move around the kitchen.
A big thanks to Prudent Baby for the patternt!
Oh! And go MAVS!

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>Second Skirt Tutorial

>  I made another skirt! I made another skirt! I made another skirt! Hey hey hey!

Ok but seriously y’all! I LOVE this skirt! Isn’t it darling?! And it was soooooo easy!

Firt thing I did was measure from where I want the skirt to sit on my hips, to where I want the bottom of the skirt to be. Did I mention that Heidi Klum volunteered to be my model for this? No? Oh well she did – sorta! And if anyone actually knows her will you thank her for being my model?

And I got distracted again! Ok, first measurement (A) is for the elastic. Measurement (B) is for the width of the skirt at the bottom. I made this a little wider than the widest part of my hips. * Make sure not to measure around your legs and use that exact measurement, this may be obvious but your hips are bigger and if you ever want to be able to pull this skirt up in the ladie’s room and/or walk you’re going to want to have it at least as wide as your hips! Measurement (C) is the distance between (A) and (B). I added an inch to each measurement for seam allowance and sew-the-elastic-into-a-loop space.

Next, I made my pattern. I guess I’d call it a pattern. I didn’t actually draw it to scale. Here is a picture:

Yep! Sticky note! But writing it out helped me make sure I got everything right. This is basically what the sketch looks like.

Next I laid out my fabric. I use a seersucker for this. I found it in my big box of fabric from the Benevolance Center. It was super cute, but since I’d never seen seersucker before, I thought it might have been a tablecloth. A quick conversation with one of the Fashion Retail Merchandising professors at work confirmed that it is called “seersucker.”  Of course, I had already made the skirt and was wearing it at the time. How funny would it have been if she was like “Kristi, that’s a tablecloth!”

Anyway, I folded the fabric over because I wasn’t sure how see-through the skirt would be. So you can brag that the skirt is lined if you’d like, but really, you just folded it over and got to cross “hem skirt” off of your to-do list. The fabric I cut ended up being a huge rectangle. I thought about bringing it in a little bit at the top, but I figured the elastic would work just as well. It ended up having a great (small) gather at the top so I’m really happy with how it turned out. If your (B) is much higher than your (A) though, you may want to taper your pattern in a little bit.

Anyway, I cut out my fabric and ironed it so that there would bea  good crease for the bottom of the skirt. Next, I turned it inside out and hemmed the top with a small seam allowance (1/4 or 1/8 maybe?). This made me one long tube of fabric. I flipped it back, right-side-out and ironed again (I had a hard time making the bottom crease stay). Next, I sewed a straight-stitch line an inch lower than my top seam. This is where the elastic will be threaded in, so do that now.

Finally, I sewed up the back to make it a skirt. I don’t have a fancy measurement for this. I pretty much sewed the elastic into a loop, put the skirt on, safety pinned it where I liked it, and then stitched it shut. The top was a little tricky. Any experienecs seemstress will tell me I did this in the wrong order, but I’m honestly not sure how I could’ve done it correctly. I guess some trial-and-error is in my future.

To close the top where the elastic is, I simply folded the fabric under until the edges met and it looked “clean.” Then I stitched over it about a thousand times back and forth to hold it in place. Again, not correct or fancy, but at the end of the day it looks fine.

So there you have it folks, my first attempt at elastic and second attempt at a skirt. I wore it to work the next day and got a lot of compliments. I threw it in the wash that night (because I got salsa on it at work) and it survived no problem! Don’t laugh but this was a serious concern of mine! I grabbed it this morning and put it on to run errands AND I’m wearing it right now! Yes, I love it that much! I see more fun/simple spring skirts in my future!

Thanks for reading! And as always, if you make a skirt like mine, e-mail me and let me know! I’d love to see it! anestinthemaking {at} gmail {dot} com

And in case you haven’t smiled yet today…

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Get Your Craft On

>Interesting Use for a Snack Bag

>Hello again!

So the other week I took my purse to work with me and it was great! Except… where exactly do I put my unmentionables? Yes, it was my lovely time-of-the-month, and I had no place to put the necessities so that they were not falling out of my purse every other second.

Remember the snack bag I made as a gift when I first started sewing? (If not, go look!) Well, I couldn’t find the tutorial but I had a general idea of how I had done it so I took the lining fabric from my purse and got to work.


I love her! I say her, because I doubt my tampon-holder would be male… random thought. So anyway, I L-O-V-E her! In fact, I may love my purse even more with her in it. It holds 4 and blends in nicely. You don’t really notice it, but it gives a firm bottom to the purse. Maybe I’ll start actually carrying them on me all the time and being prepared for once in my life – who knows!?

So that’s my quick project for the week! I haven’t been completely lazy though, I did make a skirt two nights ago (which is now my new favorite skirt), but it is in the washing machine at the moment. Post and pictures to come!

***Also, yes I know the picture is crooked. It’s not on my computer. I’ve checked it 37-gazillion times. But every time I upload it *poof* This makes me sad! Any ideas?

>Every Purse Needs A Wallet


 Welcome to my first original project!!! Ok, making a wallet isn’t exactly original, but this is my own design. For the first time in my sewing life, I did not follow a tutorial I found on-line. Feel free to praise me. Ok done? Thanks! Now read ahead to see how I put the simple magnificent wallet together!


I showed y’all a few days ago the new purse I made. 
{Remember me?}

Can I mention again that I love it?! I really do! It’s cute and fun and playful and so me! The only problem is that it is little and my wallet is, well, not. This has never been an issue for this huge-diaper-bag-toting momma, but cute-purse-carrying momma needs a new wallet.

I had some fusible interfacing leftover from making the placemat and some fabric leftover from making the purse. I had a few weeks sewing experience and a general idea of what a simple wallet might look like. And I had 30 minutes to kill, so what the hey!

I don’t carry a lot with me, so I didn’t need anything huge. I needed something small enough for the purse, but large enough to hold my zoo member card, my DL, my debit card, and my insurance card (in order of importance of course – yay zoo!). I also wanted to be able to hold a little bit of cash for when I don’t feel like taking the entire envelope system shopping with me (Hi Dave!).

I spent a little time the other day mapping out what I would need to do. I made a sample out of paper so that I could work it out instead of trying to see it in my head. The paper was (of course) 8.5×11 inches, so that’s what we’re going to start with in fabric! See how I dumb things down for myself?

Supplies Needed:
9.5″x11″ fabric
slightly smaller fusible interfacing (I had about an inch on each side, but this isn’t necessary)
coordinating thread

The first thing I did was to iron on my fusible interfacing. Just place it in the center of your fabric, cover with a spare cloth (or fabric for your next project, whatever is lying around), and iron. I set the iron down for 10 seconds, lift up and repeat in a different spot until I have covered the whole piece. Then I iron it like normal on both sides. I’m not entirely sure this is “correct” but I can say that it works!

The next thing I did was to make my creases and press them in place. The whole wallet, when complete, will be 3″ high.


After you get the basic shape pressed, top stitch across what will be become your pockets.

Now fold your wallet in on itself so that the pockets are on the inside and you see a solid piece of fabric. Run Stitch down the raw edges, with a 1/4″ (ish) seam allowance.

Flip your wallet inside out and you now have the basic shape! Congratulations! Of course, I wouldn’t put any money in the middle there… it might fall out the bottom!

The last step is to fold up the loose raw edge on the bottom. You want to fold this into the middle money pocket we created. Press in place. Now top stitch around the bottom and two sides and you’re done! YAY!

I hope you enjoyed my first sewing tutorial! I apologize for the lack of pictures as I went through, but I was making it up as I went and didn’t think to take any! If anyone decides to make a wallet using my tutorial, please let me know! Either leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at anestinthemaking {at} gmail {dot} com! I’d *LOVE* to see it!

>Child’s Out-To-Eat Placemat

>Hello everyone and happy hump day! I hope y’all are all having a great week!

This evening I finally finished off my second mother’s day project! Mother’s day in that I bought the fabric with mother’s day gift money, not actually mother related at all… but I digress.

Introducing: My first creation for my son, a placemat for when we go out to eat!

I’ve been itching to make something for the little man for a while now and I’m excited with how well this came out. There were a lot of lessons on the way (did you know bias tape is smaller on one side than the other? You probably did, but I did not), but I am thrilled with the end result. I can’t wait until Sunday when we go out to lunch after church so it can make its debut!

I used 2 fabrics from the Circus by L’Miss collection. The pocket fabric came from the remnants bin. The inspiration and tutorial came from Gwenny Penny. Thank you so much Gwen!

I love that it rolls up for easy transportation, and the adorable pocket for utensils!

I’m also thinking about making one for a friend of ours. We are planning to invite them to dinner, and I would like to make a placemat for their daughter!

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>I Made A Purse!

>The evolution of my blog stalking went something like this:

February 2010: Little man is born and I spend hours every day nursing him and reading about Susan‘s amazing journey from giving birth to running a marathon in 1 year. Her blog was recommended to me by a fellow runner on

October 2010: I am introduced to the world of couponing. I find Hip 2 Save, The Grocery Game (not a blog, but a lifesaver for me), and possibly most importantly Thrifty Decor Chick. That was my jumping off point! For half a year I hopped around the world of decorating on a budget, meal planning, home organization, and crafting. I didn’t have the means to do anything (thank you Dave Ramsey for giving me self control), and so I bookmarked. I have page upon page of projects that I would love to try! Some involved sewing, some paitning, some building, some crafting… but they were all things that spoke to me.

April 2011: I discover sewing blogs. Oh-em-gee! My love! Where have you been all my life?! I also borrowed my sewing machine from a friend this month.

May 2011: Oh wait, that’s today.

So back in October, or near after, I came across Jaime’s gem of a tutorial for her bias tape bag.  I bookmarked it, along with everything else, and went on my way.

Flash forward to this past weekend! For mother’s day, I received gift cards to spend at fabric stores and I was in heaven! This is my first time to have more than $5 to spend on fabric at any given time. A quick browse through my saved projects and I knew what I was making…

{Jaime’s bag!}

I can not recommend this tutorial enough. The purse it makes is great, and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It was easy enough for me to make, but challenging enough that I felt accomplished (that doesn’t necessarily mean it was really challenging… hehe).
{My bag!}
Anyway, I knocked this out Sunday evening. It took a few hours, and I was able to take it to work Monday morning!
I wish I could tell you what fabrics I useds, but I only purchased 1/4 yards of each and when I looked, there’s no fabric information on the sides. Both were purchased at Hancock’s Fabrics.
I’m going to link this one up a few different places since I’m so darn proud of it! I hope y’all will all go visit Jaime and try out her great tutorial!
{Another of Jaime‘s bags!}

>A Second Shirt and a Competition!



Guess what I did today! I made another shirt! This time I used the loevely Tie Top Tank tutorial from Nancy at Belle Epoque! It turned out a little big on me, so I took some of the same ribbon I used for the top, and used it as a belt. I love how it turned out! It’s super comfy and very light for spring!

I’ve been reading a lot about The Spring Top Sewalong (direct link in button below) over at Made By Rae. I just uploaded my picture so we’ll see how it goes! I’m super excited about getting involved! I doubt I’ll win, seeing as this is only the 2nd shirt I’ve ever made, but I am just happy to have something I think is worthy of being thrown in the mix! So let me take a second to selfishly endorse myself… VOTE FOR ME! Ok, now that’s over with, I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy Mother’s Day!

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

>I made a skirt!


I know! I know! I still don’t have the link for this tutorial… but I MADE A SKIRT! The waistband is knit. It’s a yoga-style and folds down. The skirt itself is a woven cotton fabric. I need to do some cleanup on it. The stitch I used to make the ruffle can be seen in some places. I also have not hemmed the bottom yet. But it was a very exciting way to kill time before the Mavericks game last night! Thank you so much Ashley of Make It and Love It for the great tutorials!

On a side note… I think all major sporting events should be done on central time. I couldn’t stay up for the whole game last night because it started at 9:30pm, and I’m in Texas. I can’t even imagine if I was on the East coast. 11:30pm start?! If we move all start times to a reasonable hour in central time, nobody will have games “too early” or “too late.” It would also be convenient for me – which is probably the most important reason.

***I’ll be linking up to a few parties and will list them below!***


>DIY – Ballard Designs Inspiration


Morning loves! I have been wanting to do a DIY tutorial for a long time… in fact, I’ve been wanting to DIY for a long time… but I confess I’ve been scared. I’m a perfectionist, you see. So I want things to be perfect. I also tend to be a bit hard on my self so the conversation goes something like this.

Me #1: Ooo! I can be crafty! I can make something for my home!
Me #2: No you can’t! It won’t be good enough!
Me #1: Yea, you’re right…

And that’s the end of it. But yesterday afternoon I told Me #2 to take a hike! I was killing some time at Michael’s and I decided to finally make the Ballard Designs inspired artwork that was one of the very first blog posts I ever read.

 {Ballard Designs}

I didn’t have the blog on me, and didn’t think of looking it up on my phone, so I just winged it (is that right? winged? wang? idk…). So I needed pretty paper, glue of some sort, and something square. Canvases were on sale so I got a set of 4. I got some Mod Podge and a brush too. I came home and told my husband all about the plan I was going to do “eventually.” He kinda gave me a funny look when I said I didn’t know what to do. See, he was reading Harry Potter… and I just finished the last one… so what am I supposed to do with my time? Those of you who are quick are thinking “yea but, you bought crafty stuff, you could… idk… craft?” but I had already forgotten about that! So anyway, with some helpful reminders from my husband I decided to go on my way. What started out as a covered canvas project became much different and actually much cheaper, as you’ll see below. This taught me a great lesson though, don’t avoid doing projects you see on other people’s blogs because it looks like something you can’t do. You may be right, but you’ll find a way to make it your own and will be all the happier for it!

So here are all my pretty little supplies:

 4 pretty blank canvases (6×6)
4 pretty scrapbook papers (I got the thick cardstock-like ones… I got them because they were prettier than the regular papers, but this will be important later.)
Mod Podge and a foam brush

The first thing I did is begin to wrap my canvas like a present.

In order to make the corners smooth, I folded them out to get a 45% angle fold.

Then I laid it flat and cut off the top (to avoid a build up of excess paper making the corner bulky and harder to deal with)

With all of the folds already in place, I wrapped the present right up. It’s important to get all of the folds in place before you wrap so that you can get crisp clean lines.

The finished corner should look like this.

At this point (I don’t have a picture), but it’s looking like a big box without a top on it. I still needed to fold down the paper that’s sticking straight up the back. When I did this it was very bulky again, so I made a few more cuts like so:

More wrapping.

And the final back looked like this.

At this point, I realized that the paper was really holding up well on it’s own. I started to question whether I needed the canvases at all. After consulting with the boss man (my dear husband), we decided they were sturdy enough to live without canvases underneath. SCORE ONE FOR KRISTI! I now have 4 blank canvases for ANOTHER project! Woo hoo!

I unwrapped the canvas, pulled it out, and modgepodged my box together. We decided to go for a matte look, and since I had purchased semi-gloss modge podge I was very careful not to get any on the front or sides. If you purchased different modge podge or wanted a shinier look, you could always cover the whole thing, which would really save a lot of worrying about getting glue everywhere!

So here’s the final project!

A beautiful wrapped canvas. And here’s a shot of my secret…

All empty!

And here’s the beauty on the wall! Yes, I know it’s a little empty, but little man went to take a nap and we can’t do any more hammering/hanging until he wakes up.

Final cost for this project $2.

The canvases were $12.99 (40% off… and I didn’t use them anyway).
The Mod Podge was $3.89 (I don’t count this because I barely used it at all).
The sponge brush was $0.39 (Also not counted since it will be reused).
The scrapbook paper was $2.00 (on sale 2/$1).

And it took about an hour!

Lessons I learned in my first DIY project…

1) Don’t be afraid… just try it!
2) You could make the boxes SOOO much easier if you had a silhouette machine! Oh wait! I do… except I’m too scared to try it (see lesson #1)!

And finally a HUGE THANK YOU to Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick for the inspiration and for really getting me in to DIY design in the first place!

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