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Hey There

Hey there seemed like an appropriate title for this post. I read once that you’re not supposed to do clever posts. Nobody will ever find this in a google search, and if you don’t bookmark this, you’ll spend hours going through archives trying to find this post again. Of course, this isn’t a particularly memorable post to come back to.

I started off a post about rambling by rambling. Great.

I’ve been cleaning. I re-organized my master closet and the office. I threw out tons of fabric (and by threw out I mean donated) that didn’t appeal to me. See, what happened was, I started sewing and tons of people started donating. The nice people at our benevolence center gave me a ton of fabric. They said I didn’t have to keep it if it wasn’t me, but I was so hyped on the sewing experience that I wanted to keep it all. People, I had 3 shelves FULL of fabric. I wish I would’ve taken a picture for y’all to see. I had so much fabric that I lost my inspiration. I think when you have a lot of fabric you don’t particularly like, the fabric loses it’s ability to speak to you. I no longer saw a future pillow or drapes or apron. I saw a pile of not-so-cute fabric taking up space in my pretty hutch. That’s the end of the line. When the “pretty” fabric stops being pretty and starts being annoying. I still have a lot, don’t get me wrong! I have all the fabric I actually purchased (of course!), and all of the fabric given by friends. What I got rid of is the fabric that was purchased 10ish years ago (not quite vintage, not quite cute) and never taken from the benevolence center because nobody wanted it. Guess what? I don’t want it either. *lol* it’s quite liberating actually. There’s some really cute fabric left in there and I’m inspired to start some projects for me once I finish the Christmas presents.

Speaking of Christmas – no new progress. I enjoyed my final days off by going to Ikea, cleaning, taking care of my plants (which is a bigger shock than you know) and resting. Tomorrow I go back to work and life returns to normal, or as normal as life will be now.

I started running again. I ran by myself a few times this past week, and ran with my friend Sharese once and Cherami once. Sharese and I used to run regularly but 109 degrees at 7pm does not agree with us. Cherami just started running, but she’s my bestest friend so any time with her is a blast. It feels good to run again.

Next week I start helping in Sunday School at my church. I’ll be in my son’s class which will be nice. I’ve never taught before and I grew up Methodist so this will be a new experience for me. I am excited though.

A few weeks after that our Shine Groups (small groups) start up. This is something Derek and I did not participate in last year. We are joining with some of our friends. They have a son a few years older than Braden and a daughter just a few months older. I’m excited to get to know more people our age in the church, and to experience more and be more involved.

My bible study has been covering watching over the home lately. I’m really enjoying this study and it truly has changed my attitude about keeping watch over my home. I pray that I continue to learn and to grow. I’m a little more than half way through the study. Is it funny that I want to start it over as soon as I finish? I feel like I can learn so much from going through it again. I’m so thirsty to learn God’s will in my life.

So that’s all that’s on my heart right now. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but I’m anticipating life will calm down. I don’t know about this blog. I mean, I’ll still be here, and I’m sticking to my sewing/cleaning/organizing/crafting/etc. I just don’t know if I’ll be ready for a month-long-intensive-blog-marathon again any time soon. To those of you who are working on Christmas, good for you! Keep it up, and I’ll keep working on mine! I”ll still be posting about my progress, I just (obviously) don’t intend on being done Wednesday evening. haha!

If you made it this far (hi!), you are now a candidate to be my best friend! haha! I know I can talk!


Projects and Progress

Hey everyone! I’m still here!

I wanted to thank everyone for their support in this difficult time. We had a memorial service for mom on Monday, and will be burying her this Friday at the National cemetery here.

So I have to ask, is anyone still working on their Christmas presents? I have been off and on. It really depends on the day and how I’m feeling. My birthday was last week (I planned to have a big ol’ bloggy party, but you know) and I got some great birthday gifts!

Isn’t she lovely? I don’t really know what all she can do, but I’m learning slowly. She’s super fun to play with though! This was a gift from Derek’s parents.

I also had some birthday money, so I went out and got myself this!

How perfect is it? I AM IN LOVE! I used it to cut some pieces for my sister-in-law’s purse and it’s soooo much easier!

So with my new toys, here is what I’ve accomplished so far:

Crayon Roll-Up for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday. I’m not quite done and the birthday party was last week, but better late than never!

Kitchen Towel for a different friend’s wedding gift. Yes, kitchen towel – meaning one. I REALLY need to finish the companion!

{no, that’s not just a huge pile of mess}

{does anyone else have issues keeping their ring from spinning all the time}

Started working on the purse for my sister-in-law. I have the exterior and interior pieces put together. I added a pocket (oo! Fancy!) and put the magnetic snaps on the yolk. I’ve got a ton more to do, but it’s nice to get started.

The last thing I made is a fabric nesting box for my mom. I completed this project Tuesday evening, and was able to take it to her Wednesday (her birthday) morning. She never saw it, but I told her about it. We also put it to use holding all the birthday cards she got. The original plan was to make two of them. Because it was already cut, I put together the second one this past weekend. I’m going to give it to Heather, one of the hospice nurses who stayed with mom. She did the day shift and so I got to know her. She joked that she wanted a bin made for her from the same fabric. I know she was kidding, but I’m really grateful for the love she showed my mom, and really my entire family, during the last few days. Now I just need to figure out how to get ahold of her.

So the Christmas train isn’t completely de-railed! I may not be done by the end of the month, but at least I’ve gotten a head start! I do plan to post tutorials for the towels and crayon roll-ups. I’ll also {most likely} be making more detailed posts about the other projects I’ve done. At the very least I plan on going back through my posts and putting more links to my inspiration and to the patterns/tutorials I’ve used.

How are your Christmas presents coming along? Is anyone still with me?




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Quick Update: It’s cutting time!

Happy Tuesday!

{cut up pieces of fabric!}

I was out sick yesterday… and I do mean out… like a dog in the sun on the porch in the summer! haha! But after all of that sleep I feel much better today!

So how is it going? Anyone making progress on their Christmas projects?

{more cut up pieces of fabric!}

I have purchased fabric for my mom’s gift, my sister-in-law’s gift, my mother-in-law’s gift, and the Christmas towels I am making. This weekend I spent some time cutting out the fabric. I’m ready to go for my mom and the towels, but I’ve hit a stumbling block on the purse. I think my computer re-sized the PDF before printing the pattern. See, it asks for 1.5 yards of exterior fabric. I cut out every single piece (including the interior…oops) and have about 1.25 yards left! So my sweet husband is going to look in to it and see if we can’t get the pattern pieces in real size! Otherwise, I may have to contact the maker for dimensions. I love the purse, and I can’t wait to get started on it!

{strips of fabric for my towels}

{strips of fabric for a wedding gift towel set}

I need to make another trip to Hancocks’ to get fabric for the rest of my projects! That’s the plan for this evening!

I’ll update soon once I get started actually sewing!





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This Post is NOT About Shopping!

This post is not about shopping! I know, I know! I said it would be, but I’m sorry. It’s just not happening. Also, this post is going to be l-o-o-o-o-(o…)-n-g. So you’ve been warned. *love*

I’m a planner. That’s who I am. Now ask if I’m a good planner? Go ahead, say it out loud, it’ll make you giggle!

{I’m waiting}

{Seriously… I’m a patient person…}

No, I am not always good at planning. I like to think I am, but sometimes I have to just go with the flow and see what happens.

First off, we are still making Christmas presents this month. So no more tears! But the schedule I posted earlier this week may not be dead on. For instance, I’m supposed to have my mother’s gift ready and a post done about it on Monday. The problem is, I don’t have that fabric yet. I do, however, have everything to make a set of Christmas Towels. I also have the materials for my mother-in-law’s gift.  I almost have everything for Derek’s sister, but I don’t have anything for Granny or the men-folks. See what I’m getting at? Step one (shopping) has changed my plan completely.

So here’s the new plan:

July 1st – August PoA
July 5th –  post
July 8th – post
July 12th – post
July 15th – post
July 16th – My 25th Birthday! In case anyone wants to send me anything!
July 19th – post
July 22nd – post
July 26th – post
July 31st – Follow Up

That looks much better! And much more workable!

So let’s get started with that first post.

Let’s start with my Christmas list (the people receiving these gifts don’t know I blog so I can speak freely here):

14 Christmas Dish Towels – This is not an original idea, however I will be posting a tutorial. I made a set for a friend as a housewarming gift and just made it up as I went. They turned out well, so I’ll be sharing that with you!
1 Purse – I decided to make this purse for my husband’s sister. I looked at a couple of tutorials here, here and here, and finally decided that this one is right for her.
1 Sunglasses HolderThis sunglasses holder will be made to match the purse. Lisa spends a lot of time outdoors enjoying the great North Carolina weather, and I think a sunglasses holder would be a cute and functional gift for her.
1 Casserole Holder – I loved Jill’s tutorial here. I think this is a practical gift that she will really enjoy and will be put to lots of use with family meals and church potlucks.
2 Grill Utensil Wraps – This is a gift for the men in my life. My dad and Derek’s dad are both getting a kit to keep their grill utensil’s nice.
3 Nesting Boxes – My mother is not in the same place for a long time. I like the idea of giving her functional storage that she can take with her regardless of where she is staying.
1 Table Runner – My mother-in-law always has great Christmas decorations. Her house is done up in golds and maroons and it’s really quite stunning. She does a great tablescape on the dining room table and has a huge tree in the living room. One room that doesn’t get the full attention of her decorating is her breakfast nook. It’s off the kitchen and not something that is seen from the entry. My mother-in-law is getting one of the towel sets I am making, and I thought it would be a fun idea to make her a runner that matches. She can put this on the table in the breakfast nook and bring a little bit of the holiday cheer into her kitchen. I don’t have a plan for this, but I’ll definitely write up a tutorial once I figure it out.

Now let’s look at the good stuff.

{this, this and this}

This is the fabric I picked up for the towels and the table runner. I’m pretty much in love with it.


And this is the fabric I picked up for the purse (lining not yet chosen).

And that concludes the shopping portion of our program! See, that is why this post is NOT about shopping.

So what’s left to do?

First of all, I’m following fun tutorials for all of my projects, and I want those printed out. So today I spent some quality time at our printer. I still need to find a tutorial for a table runner and a utensil wrap. If I can’t, no biggie. I like winging things and I do have a general idea of what I want to make. I also need to snag back a towel from my friend. I made that up as I went, and I don’t remember how I did it! It turned out so great that I want to make it again. So she graciously agreed to bring one over tomorrow for me to look at. Isn’t she the best?!

I still have quite a lot of shopping to do. I need to get fusible interfacing for the nesting boxes and the purse. I need interior fabric for the purse. I need all of the fabric for the boxes and carrier. I need belting, velcro and insolbrite for the carrier as well. I need to choose my material for the utensil wrap (canvas or tablecloth… I’m not sure yet). After all of that, I just need thread and a few more bobbins. Oh! And towels! I still need to get to Sam’s and get me those towels!

The good news is that I have some coupons so I should be able to get some good deals.

So the goal for the weekend is to collect supplies. I hope to get enough that I can start working on something! Then it’s {sewing} pedal to the metal {carpet}. Yes, I just said that. Feel free to judge!

So what about you? Anyone have any great plans that made absolutely zero sense? Or was that just me?


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August PoA – Christmas in August

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Christmas in July, right? Well, we missed July and I didn’t make any Christmas gifts. Did you? That’s what I thought! So we’re in the same boat now. T minus 5 months(ish) until Christmas and we need a plan!

First of all, if you don’t know what a PoA is, it’s a TLA I learned once in QEP training. Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s move on. Hehe!

This year, my husband and I decided to make the gifts we will give for Christmas. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, we have been slowly putting aside money to really give to our friends and family this year. I’m excited to challenge myself in both sewing and money management, and see what great gifts we are able to make while staying in our budget.

This year, there are 10 people I will be making gifts for. For the family we have my parents, Derek’s parents and sister, Derek’s Grandma & Grandad. We are also going to give gifts to our childcare provider and my best friend.

So here’s the schedule we’re looking at.

July 1st – August PoA (you are here!)
July 5th – Shopping for Gifts
July 8th – My mother
July 12th – Christmas Towels
July 15th – Mother in Law
July 16th – My 25th Birthday! In case anyone wants to send me anything!
July 19th – Dad and Father in Law
July 22nd – Granny
July 26th – Derek’s Sister
July 31st – Follow Up

You’ll notice I skipped Derek’s Grandad… we’re still trying to figure out what to get him! Any suggestions?

I’d like to make my disclaimer here so that I don’t have to make it every time I write. My family is still going through a rough time. If I am late on a post, it’s coming.  I will try to be as punctual as possible, however family always comes before blog. Thanks for being understanding.

So here we go! Are you planning on joining me to get Christmas done in August? Even if you’re not making your gifts you can get your shopping done early and avoid the hassle! I can’t wait to get started!


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Things to Come

July is drawing to a close and my kitchen is looking great – if you look past the crumbs and the tiny fingerprints, but at least it’s being used more efficiently! This is not my re-cap post so I’m going to leave you in suspense as far as details go!

August is going to be a busy time for me. I turn 25 on the 16th (Happy Birthday to Me!!!). I am going to two rock shows. I have a surprise baby shower to throw for a co-worker (don’t worry, she doesn’t know I blog). My mom’s birthday is the 17th (Happy Birthday to her!!!), and of course we can’t forget the good-ol’ 9 to 5 11 hour job.

As far as projects go I have a few things in mind. I’m a horrible decision maker, so I thought I would leave it up to y’all! Please leave me a comment and let me know what I should focus on!

a) the office/sewing room/play room
b) Christmas in August
c) finishing up those pesky loose ends

The most obvious project (when you glance around my house) is the office. I have fabric scraps all over the floor. I just moved a new hutch in, and the bins I previously used for fabric are empty and taking up space. My sewing table is trashed. The desks are cluttered (with stuff and empty coke cans). It’s not a usable space right now. It’s supposed to be a play room and I’m afraid to let my son in there.
Now, even if this is not my August focus, I’m going to clean the crap off the floor so little man can go in there. So don’t let the safety of my child sway your vote! I’m not heartless! hehe!
If I focus on the office, I will discuss storage of my crafty stuffs, sewing stuffs, bill paying stuffs, and toy stuffs. I *may* touch on computer storage of my digital stuffs and possibly some debt management Dave Ramsey stuffs.
The only downside to doing the office is that it will have to be redone in about a year anyway. We are going to be making some big changes to our whole house (and what room is use for what), so my whole vision will 100% be changing. Lol!

This Christmas, Derek and I have decided to do primarily homemade gifts. I will be sewing gifts for our family and friends. I am still a novice sewist (I don’t know if that’s a word but it sounds better than sewer! ick!), and I want to give myself PLENTY of time to make things, not like them, try again, etc. I have a fairly complete list of who gets what and I’m ready to get started!
If I focus on Christmas in August, I’ll share homemade gift ideas, progress on making them, as well as a few tutorials for things I make up as I go! This will primarily be a sewing month, however I’m not ruling out other projects (there are a few people I haven’t decided on yet). If I do go this route and you have great gift ideas (or know someone who does), let me know! I’d love to do a features post, or even have guest posters if anyone is interested!

Finishing up loose ends is probably the least glamorous of my projects. There are a ton of things I need to finish up around the house. Off the top of my head, and without even looking up from the computer, I need to a) finish the curtains in the office b) paint the master bathroom vanity doors c) finish painting the master bathroom d) make a wedding gift for my friend e) make a baby shower gift for another friend f) finish painting doors (front & back) g) bleach the outside chair cover so I can use it as a pattern h) spray paint the outdoor chair (orange?)… I could keep going!

As far as the logical order goes:
Having the office clean and organized would help with making gifts and give me a clean space to tie up those loose ends.
Finishing with Christmas stuff (or at least getting a good start on it) would allow me to relax a little bit and ensure quality gifts come Christmas time. It would also be a HUGE weight off of my shoulders, because I dwell on this a lot!
Finishing up those pesky loose ends would clear my to-do list to work on bigger projects like the office and Christmas.
So yea… the logical order is to do all 3 at once! haha!

Ok voting time! In a comment, please tell me which you think I should do for August and why? Remember to also let me know if you have a post you’d like to be featured and/or would be interested in a guest post. My e-mail is anestinthemaking {at} gmail {dot} com! July is almost over people and it’s time for a new POA!!!


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