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It’s Random Man!!!

Do you think I could do meal-planning? I mean seriously?

I know I’ve done posts and posts on it (oops! Did I just confess to falling off that wagon?), but do you think I really could? I think a lot has to do with cooking ahead. For example, I cooked lots of carrots… and now I have lots of carrots in the freezer… for months!

If I planned meals, I’d use the carrots.

I went to the grocery store Sunday. We were out of food. No eggs, no bread, no veggies, very little meat, no soups, nothing. Apparently family emergency followed by a week at the beach do not add up to an organized/useful kitchen!

So I bought veggies (corn and green beans). I bought potatoes. I bought cream of chicken & cream of mushroom soups. I bought eggs. I bought onions. And now I’m cooking again.

Sunday night we had baked potatoes. I sliced them and put garlic/olive oil on them before “baking” them in the microwave. The recipe called for sliced garlic and I had diced (minced?). I think next time I’ll use fresh so I can slice it, but it was still pretty good.

I don’t know what to call last night’s dinner. I used pre-cooked frozen rice, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black beans, a chicken breast, a red onion and some garlic. I mixed the garlic/onion/tomatoes and poured it on top of the chicken to cook. Then I zapped the beans & rice. I layered them all pretty on the plate – but the leftovers were all mixed together and I think they were even better (something about the juices maybe?)! My hubby and I had these for lunch today and the little man had it for dinner. Success!

Tonight I’m going to make chicken fried rice. I’ll make a ton of it so that we can have it for lunch and what not. It looks pretty easy and I’ve never made it before, so we’ll see.

Friday I plan on making breakfast sandwiches for the family. I have to wait until Friday because I need cheese, sausage and foil and my food envelope is empty.

Anyway, I want to be a good steward of my money. We’ve been living off barely any groceries lately. I scrape together what I can, but it’s a little ridiculous. The money that I save goes to fast food – there’s some logic for you! So I’m vowing to be better about it, and I’m thinking that meal planning could help. I’m also thinking I’ve tried that it didn’t work I quit (yes, ran together like that, with no punctuation).

things to ponder…

Anyway, I dont’ have a ton of time to take on a new challenge right now. I’m still working Christmas presents (I have a tutorial half-done for y’all!), and we just re-organized our office. I’m also trying to get a handle on my cleaning because August my house turned into a junk yard. My plants are still alive, but I’m not sure how because I’m not watering them. I’m not running. I’m not reading my bible at night. And I’m not waking up on time in the morning.

Sounds like a great time for a new project, yea?

*sigh* I’ll figure it out. Anyway, I’m here. I’m working on a tutorial for you. And I’m semi-contemplating meal planning again.




Ooo! Another thought! I need to work on cleaning, and getting my days right, and getting things done, and cooking. Maybe I should blog about that. Instead of trying to come up with projects, or craft time, maybe I should do what needs to be done and talk about how I do it. I have a great money-tracking system I use! I have great routines (which I’m not currently doing) that have worked great for me! Maybe I could combine my need-to with my want-to, and get back to blogging?

Rain Rain! Go Away!

Well, they say when it rains, it pours. And no, I’m not talking about water from the sky – that would be much appreciated right now with the drought we’re in.

Yesterday our house was broken in to. Thank God they only took the tv. They did destroy the pretty front door, and so we spent hours last night purchasing a new one and installing it (door+frame+molding=tiring). All in all, it could have been much worse. It happened during the day when nobody was home, and as near as we can tell (so far) nothing else was taken. well, that’s not entirely true. They did take the U-Verse remote. They were nice enough to leave us the remote that goes with the tv though. So thoughtful. But seriously, you should’ve heard my rant yesterday about them taking the wrong remote. Silly silly criminals.

Anyway, I came home early from work when Derek called me. I grabbed his car and went to pick up Braden from the daycare. I get him loaded up in the car, have a seat, seat belt on, key in ignition, turning, and… nothing. Yep. Car won’t start. Braden’s teacher’s husband came out and helped us try to jump it. The battery was fine. Derek came over (after screwing the front door in place to keep it closed) to look. Turns out the connection on the battery is loose, so it’s not a huge thing. Just a washer and it will be ok.

So anyway, that was my day in a nut shell. House broken into, tv gone, pretty door destroyed, car won’t start… on the plus side, we are heading off on vacation next week so that’s one thing I have to look forward to! Also, I have a friend who lives close by who’s going to drive by after work every day and check on the house.

Times like these remind me of the blessings we have. We’re blessed with family who was able to drop everything and come by to help us fix the door. We’re blessed with a daycare provider who is willing to help. That’s twice in 2 weeks she has kept Braden past her closing time without charging us. The first was last Friday when the {same} car broke down at the gas station. Then last night when Derek got home and couldn’t leave the house to go get Braden. She is such a blessing to us and I am so grateful for her. We’re also blessed with great friends who can come by and check on the house for us while we’re gone. She volunteered without us asking, and while it’s probably unnecessary, it does make me feel a little better. We’re also blessed with the ability to make the necessary repairs immediately. Granted, it did come from the emergency fund, but it was there for a reason and I’m so thankful that we had it. We’re blessed with the means to go ahead and go on our vacation. We are blessed.

Another thing about the tv. This is probably quite silly, but I’m sad to lose it. It was a beautiful 46″ flat-screen. Football season is about to start and we were getting free HD. We were so excited. The best part about our tv is that this was the FIRST thing we had ever PAID CASH for.  What a lesson that things are just things. We’re thankful we’re not making payments on it or anything like that, but it’s sad to see that visual reminder of our commitment to paying cash go away. The only thing we can hope is that the person who took it truly needed the money they will get from selling it. And we pray that whatever is going on in their lives that drove them to this, that it will get better for them. I’m also quite thankful that they were only thieves and not vandals. Family pictures, Braden’s toys, documents with sensitive information sitting on the table by the door… all of these were left alone. I’m thankful they only took the tv.

So here’s to another wordy super long post! I promise there will be crafting and organizing and sewing and DIY coming soon. Today I will be going to my dad’s house to go through mom’s stuff, and Tuesday we leave for the beach. So it may be a while still before I have a good crafty post up here. Thanks for being patient with me people!



Ps. Heidi and anyone else working on Christmas presents, how’s it going?

Hey There

Hey there seemed like an appropriate title for this post. I read once that you’re not supposed to do clever posts. Nobody will ever find this in a google search, and if you don’t bookmark this, you’ll spend hours going through archives trying to find this post again. Of course, this isn’t a particularly memorable post to come back to.

I started off a post about rambling by rambling. Great.

I’ve been cleaning. I re-organized my master closet and the office. I threw out tons of fabric (and by threw out I mean donated) that didn’t appeal to me. See, what happened was, I started sewing and tons of people started donating. The nice people at our benevolence center gave me a ton of fabric. They said I didn’t have to keep it if it wasn’t me, but I was so hyped on the sewing experience that I wanted to keep it all. People, I had 3 shelves FULL of fabric. I wish I would’ve taken a picture for y’all to see. I had so much fabric that I lost my inspiration. I think when you have a lot of fabric you don’t particularly like, the fabric loses it’s ability to speak to you. I no longer saw a future pillow or drapes or apron. I saw a pile of not-so-cute fabric taking up space in my pretty hutch. That’s the end of the line. When the “pretty” fabric stops being pretty and starts being annoying. I still have a lot, don’t get me wrong! I have all the fabric I actually purchased (of course!), and all of the fabric given by friends. What I got rid of is the fabric that was purchased 10ish years ago (not quite vintage, not quite cute) and never taken from the benevolence center because nobody wanted it. Guess what? I don’t want it either. *lol* it’s quite liberating actually. There’s some really cute fabric left in there and I’m inspired to start some projects for me once I finish the Christmas presents.

Speaking of Christmas – no new progress. I enjoyed my final days off by going to Ikea, cleaning, taking care of my plants (which is a bigger shock than you know) and resting. Tomorrow I go back to work and life returns to normal, or as normal as life will be now.

I started running again. I ran by myself a few times this past week, and ran with my friend Sharese once and Cherami once. Sharese and I used to run regularly but 109 degrees at 7pm does not agree with us. Cherami just started running, but she’s my bestest friend so any time with her is a blast. It feels good to run again.

Next week I start helping in Sunday School at my church. I’ll be in my son’s class which will be nice. I’ve never taught before and I grew up Methodist so this will be a new experience for me. I am excited though.

A few weeks after that our Shine Groups (small groups) start up. This is something Derek and I did not participate in last year. We are joining with some of our friends. They have a son a few years older than Braden and a daughter just a few months older. I’m excited to get to know more people our age in the church, and to experience more and be more involved.

My bible study has been covering watching over the home lately. I’m really enjoying this study and it truly has changed my attitude about keeping watch over my home. I pray that I continue to learn and to grow. I’m a little more than half way through the study. Is it funny that I want to start it over as soon as I finish? I feel like I can learn so much from going through it again. I’m so thirsty to learn God’s will in my life.

So that’s all that’s on my heart right now. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but I’m anticipating life will calm down. I don’t know about this blog. I mean, I’ll still be here, and I’m sticking to my sewing/cleaning/organizing/crafting/etc. I just don’t know if I’ll be ready for a month-long-intensive-blog-marathon again any time soon. To those of you who are working on Christmas, good for you! Keep it up, and I’ll keep working on mine! I”ll still be posting about my progress, I just (obviously) don’t intend on being done Wednesday evening. haha!

If you made it this far (hi!), you are now a candidate to be my best friend! haha! I know I can talk!



The strongest woman I know passed away this morning. My mother battled m.s. and then cancer for the majority of my life. She always had a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. God called her home this morning with my father by her side. Mom, we will all miss you. I love you.

Prayers Needed

We called hospice yesterday. My blogging will be sporadic if anything. I still want to Christmas presents early, but it may become a September-instead-of-August thing. Thank you for your prayers and understanding.


What’s going on with me, personally?

This is a multi-purpose blog. I want to share recipes, sewing, gifts, organization, and all the things that I love. It is however, a personal blog – which means I get to use it to get things out in the open sometimes and to air out my thoughts and feelings.

That’s what this is. So if you’re only interested in pretty things and tutorials, there’s no use in reading on (and I promise I won’t be offended!), but if you’re interested in a little bit of how my mind works and what’s going on with me, here’s a little slice of me.

My mother is sick. She has had cancer for years and has been such a fighter. What started as beast cancer has spread to multiple organs in her body. She’s still fighting, but years of chemo and medications are taking their toll on her. She has been in the hospital for a few months now battling blood infections. This has been hard on my whole family.

Seeing what my mother is going through has provoked me to examining my spiritual life and my beliefs. I began doing this Blog Bible Study and am currently on Chapter 9. I don’t remember the last time I did a bible study. I’m sure I did as an active member of my youth group growing up, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it.

Thus far, we have covered three major life focuses, and I have been working on each of them.

The first is God. I have started reading my bible every evening, and getting up early each morning to spend some time in prayer. This was rough at first, but I’m getting better at it and really do see a difference in my days. I pray so much more now than I ever have.
The second is my husband. I have been focusing on being biblically submissive to my husband. I try to help him, not to quarrel with him, and in general to be the wife God calls me to be. I have also started praying for my husband on a daily basis.
The third focus (which we are just now starting) is my son. This week I am trying to model my Christian life for him. I hadn’t thought about it before this study, but I realized that I do all of my praying, reading, etc while he is asleep. This is so stinking convenient! But it’s not really modeling anything for him. So this week I am starting a prayer time with the little man before bed. It’s nothing super long or anything, but I want talking to God to be a part of his daily life.

There’s some changes that have happened as a result of my studies. They were unintentional but I’m super happy about them. Apparently, when I stop focusing on myself and being selfish I start to do more around the house. I clean, I do the laundry/dishes, I water the yard, and I still have time to relax. Its like if I’m not moping, it takes way less time, so then I still have time to do the things I want. It’s crazy how that works!

So that’s all I want to say right now. I just re-read this and I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is. Maybe I wanted to share? Maybe I wanted to get somethings off of my chest? Maybe I’m just that bored (lol)? But if you read this far, kudos to you! And there’s a quick update on me!


Good morning! My recipe post is also a bit behind schedule. Things are rough right now as your prayers are appreciated. I hope to get the post up this weekend, but please bear with me as my family deals with illness.

Thank you.

Good afternoon!

Today’s post on my meal planning experience is going to be a little late. I had a very busy weekend of snuggling, playing dinosaur, grilling out, and going to church. There just wasn’t time for blogging. haha! But it will be up – just a little later than expected!



I found this blog on WordPress Freshly Pressed.  interesting. Maybe I’m not completely in to a hundred million things. Maybe I don’t have ADD-brain. Maybe I’m not fickle (lol pickle!). Maybe I lack followthrough. But how do you get more follow-through?



Wee! Here I go again! Changing my mind! I started this blog to be about sewing. Well, let me rephrase that. I started this blog on WordPress to be about sewing (the blog on Blogger was about? everything?). But lately I haven’t been sewing. I’d like to, but my mind is wandering in different directions.

I like to say I have ADD brain. No, that’s not the same thing as Attention-Deficit-Disorder. It’s more a product of being a happy person who likes to jump around a lot. I guess you could say I’m fickle, but I”m not a huge fan of that word. It reminds me of pickles. Which is just weird to me.

Anyway, lets take a second to throw the WordPress tutorial out the window. Let’s face it, I haven’t completed one new sewing project since saying that sewing is my passion. *sheepish grin* So what do I like?

Sewing –
Yes, I do still like it. I want to be able to sew gifts for family and friends. In fact, my husband and I sat down and came up with a list of Christmas gifts for people. So now I can get started! I’m super excited to do this!
I also want to be able to sew things for my house. I’m in the middle of making curtains for my office and I really love the way they’re turning out. I like the pillows I’ve made.
I like the idea that I don’t have to go out and buy things for super expensive – or even watch sales like a hawk. If I want something, I can make it. Sewing is a big part of that DIY spirit I have.

Cooking –
I go back and forth on meal plans more often than Michael Phelps goes back and forth in the pool. Seriously! I want to try it but I’m scared. I see the merits of planning in other people’s lives, but for some reason I think I’m different. I’m the one person, in this whole wide world, who can not benefit from planning meals. Yep, I’m sure of it.
I do enjoy cooking though. I enjoy experimenting on meals, and baking desserts. I want my son to learn to cook with me (when he’s a little older).

Intentional Living/Frugality –
This is a made-up topic that covers a few things I couldn’t categorize well. Last night I spent hours preserving vegetables. I’m a member of a grocery co-op and every 8(ish) weeks I get a huge box of food. We get fruits and veggies of all sorts. I’m learning to cope with huge amounts of perishable food coming in to my home. I have to do something with it so that it doesn’t go bad. I don’t want to waste the food or the money spent on the food. I need to be intentional about my groceries.
I also consider myself quite frugal (or at least getting there). I coupon shop. I am learning to preserve food. I am learning to sew so I can make things myself. I enjoy bulk trash pickup week. I like Goodwill shopping.

Organizing –
This one is big for me. I LOVE organizing. I love having things organized. I think that an organized home runs so much more efficiently. When I know where things are, and don’t waste precious time searching, I’m able to spend more time with my family.
I believe an organized house is easier to keep clean than a cluttered house. I believe it’s easier to organize when you have less of the “stuff” and more of the “stuff you love.” I’m a declutterer and a purger (not in the eating-disorder way).

Home decor –
This isn’t as big, but it’s something I would enjoy getting more in to. I would love to have a gorgeous, well-organized, lived in home. I’m slowly getting there.

Home Management –
This about sums it up. The things that are important to me are my family and my home – and my home is really only important because it is a blessing to my family. By association, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and decorating are important. Frugality and being intentional with my time/money fall in to place there as well.

So what does this mean to you? More changes! Wee!

I want this blog to reflect me. Lately, I’ve been in more of a cleaning/organizing mood than a sewing mood. I haven’t posted anything because this is a sewing blog. But I’m starting to think that’s silly. This blog isn’t about one thing or another, it’s about me. This is a Kristi blog. And Kristi jumps around (and apparently talks in third person occasionally).