Cleaning: Non-Negotiables & Podcasts

I have been listening to old podcasts by Dana K White (Noni @ She is still making podcasts but I just started so I’m about 150 behind where she is now. heh.

She teaches the idea of non-negotiable tasks for every day. This isn’t a new concept to me. I have been doing laundry/dishes every day since approx 2010 when I first discovered Fly Lady. I am toying with the idea of adding new non-negotiables for things I struggle with. Specifically, I want to add sweeping the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen counters, and wiping down the bathrooms.

I’m really doing well with my cleaning right now and I want to keep this momentum going. It’s spilling over into increased productivity in other areas of my life as well, which is awesome.

Before, I tried listening to audio books while I cleaned. This worked well for a while, until I realized I can sit and listen to my book while I play a game on my phone. Productivity down. Listening to the A Slob Comes Clean podcast helps with this. I have a hard time doing nothing while I listen to her talking about cleaning. So I am more likely to move on to the next thing, then sit stagnant once I finish a task. In theory, I listen to podcasts while I clean and then when I’m done with my tasks for the day (or when I’m resting like lunch time) I can turn on my audio book. It’s like a cue to my brain of what I should be doing. So far, it helps.

About anestinthemaking

Hi! I'm Kristi! I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend. I'm a newbie to sewing and blogging, but I'm excited to get started! Sewing is the first hobby I've really had in a long time. In high school, I sang, I played the piano, I played in the band, I wrote in journals. I went off to college, got married, started a family, and lived a life without hobbies. How boring?! Then I started reading blogs. One thing led to another and soon I was at my co-worker's house borrowing her sewing machine! I haven't looked back since! Sewing is a release for me. It's so much fun to create beautiful and useful things. It's fun to be learning something new, and it's fun to share it with you! So welcome! Take a look around, and let me know you're here! I love to meet people and respond to every message I get! And I can't wait to meet you!

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