New Years Resolutions

Most of my journaling these days happens in my prayer journal. Occasionally, however, I just want to sit and type. Reminds me of old times, back in the corporate world, where I spent hours at the computer and could use break times to get my thoughts out (while still sitting at the computer because that’s what I did). Now a days I’m rarely at the computer at all. I fail to check my e-mail which occasionally gets me in trouble. I do my browsing on my phone, because for some reason that seems like less of a time waster? ha!

Anyway, new years resolutions. Here’s the thing. I’m getting restless. I ran a 5k yesterday after not running by myself in months. I run a few days a week with a friend and strollers. We run with a low HR and I really enjoy our time. Like really really do. I wish we didn’t miss so much but… yea… life with kiddos. We have had soccer games early on Saturdays so I haven’t been running alone then. If I run alone at all it is in the pasture, which means I listen to an audio book to keep from going crazy running in such a small circle. So again… not alone. The 5k started out rough. I never heard my first mile split beep, so I can’t say for sure how far out I was when I started feeling this way, but I would guess it was around the 1 mile mark. I wasn’t having fun. I was being passed (duh! I’m slow!) and just not hitting that zen place I normally go to. I wasn’t hurting. I wasn’t really discouraged. I was just bored and feeling very meh about the whole thing. As usual, when I hit the zone in a run, I don’t know when it happens. I’m going along and then I’m done and I’m thinking “wow! I have no idea what I thought about that whole time!” The time just flies by. That’s my zone. That’s my zen place. I think it must be like meditation, which I have never managed to do because I’m not a big fan of sitting still and silent and Lord knows I can’t shut off my brain intentionally. The race was hard. It seemed uphill most of the way which I don’t think is physically possible (it was a loop) but sure seems accurate. It also seemed to be in to the wind about 99%. And the wind was brutal. I know all of these things, but I don’t feel them. I don’t feel anything because I hit that zone and I finished the race in my happy space. ha. I was able to run the full thing (except for walking through the water stop) which I haven’t attempted in months. That was really encouraging to know that I can still run 5k. I finished in 37:01 which is about 11:45 pace. I haven’t run on the road/alone in so long I don’t know if that’s “good” but I’m happy with it.
It makes me want to run more. As always, it makes me want to get a little faster. I’m not looking to win anything. heh. The top 3 in my age group (of 4 total) finished in 28 minutes. I don’t know that I can catch them. I don’t know that I can’t. It’s not about that. It’s more about this: I finished comfortably (except for the finish line which I sprinted with my 7 year old who apparently is really fast when he wants to be… 8 min pace coming in). I didn’t try to “race” it because I don’t know what that feels like, especially having not run alone on roads in so long. I just wanted to finish and not get sick to my stomach (tmi?), and I did that. So that tells me I could have gone faster if I had “raced” it. So now I’m thinking, do I want to do the polar workout plan? Maybe. Or do I want to just do my own thing, which at this moment would look like an easy mile warm up, a harder mile, then an easy mile cool down, once a week I figure that would give me more speed. The rest of my runs will be easy, including my Saturday long run. So I guess it doesn’t really matter. ha. Anyway this is just running, which I change my mind about all the time.
My ultimate goal for running is 2 fold. A solid 3 mile base, which I apparently have, and a long run of 6-8 miles. I have no idea how far I can go at this point so I don’t know how far off I am from that goal. As for the 3 mile base, the goal will be to work on speeding up – not necessarily through speed drills, but instead through repetition and increased aerobic health. I run with the stroller mostly, so when I can run 3 miles aerobically with the stroller that will be a major accomplishment. When I can run 3 miles in the pasture, that will be a major accomplishment. Those will both translate to running faster on roads alone. It’s all related. Some friends have mentioned running the Cowtown half in 2019. I want to do it with them. This isn’t training for that. This is just where I want to be, but when I’m there, training up for a half should be a simple enough process. Really if I threw in an extra long run every once in a while, just for fun, I could probably pick up a half without training and survive. But yea, this has nothing to do with New Years Resolutions. So again I say…

Anyway, new years resolutions. Running can help me lose weight, but I do not believe it is the *best* way to do so. Running alone can only do so much. I thing weight loss and body composition changes are three fold. ****Ok really I think they’re 2 fold. I don’t think you *need* to run. But I *need* to run for sanity so darn it that is part of it and we’re calling it 3 fold, ok? Good.**** So diet and strength are the keys here. Calories out > calories in. Strength for building muscle and building metabolism. Also strength for burning calories because again calories out > calories in. Easy runs for burning fat calories. Hard runs once a week for speed and not really for fat loss at all. Also, I tend to throw weight loss around incorrectly. I know this. In my head weight loss does not mean scale #s. It means fat loss. So again, just go with me here.
I love cross fit. I love watching the games. I love seeing the women and their strength. I love how the strength translates to real life. Those women can do whatever they want. They can run, then can kayak. They can try a ninja course. They can try a ropes deal or wall climb or whatever they want… because they are strong in many ways. I want that. I don’t want to pay multiple $100s a month to do it because honestly I can’t. So I’m considering looking at the WODs online and doing what I can at home. I found a great site that breaks down the WOD and shows modifications if you can’t do the full exercise.  I don’t have an assault bike or row machine but I figure I can substitute something that accomplishes the same result. I Just don’t have the money to throw at a gym right now and I got bored doing the strong lifts 3x a week. I liked it, I just didn’t like pulling out the equipment and actually doing it, which sounds so silly. But I need something that I will do and I wasn’t doing that. Hopefully changing up the workouts like this will be enough to interest me. heh.
Still that’s only half of it, and not really anything to do with New Years yet. I promise we’re getting there. Diet. dun dun dunnnnn. I know what works for me. Eating to my macros and drinking a gallon of water a day. ***YMMV: the water is an amount that works great for me but I know that is very body specific. It took me a long time to find the sweet spot for what to drink*** I say New Years because I’m not about to start watching calories the week I make 3 pies. Then I start baking cookies. Then Christmas. I suppose we could call it a 12/26 Resolution but let’s just give us that last week to finish eating leftovers, shall we.
So even though I have never done a new years resolution and really disagree in general with the idea of “I’m going to make great life changes! …at some later date!” I’m going to do it. ha. I’ll probably start now-ish with the running and crossfit because I want to. I’ll also try to drink more water because I know I need to. I’m not sure about counting macros. I suppose I could start, just to get used to it. But I’ll be going in to this knowing I will be way over on my carbs and possibly calories. Because again, I’m not going to start a big diet change (no matter how good it is for me) right before the holidays.

So there you go. More for my thoughts than anyone elses’s reading since I don’t think anyone actually reads this. But I type so much faster than I write and sometimes it just feels good to get it out this way. Not to mention the super handy search feature that unfortunately regular journals do not have. ha. Makes things much easier to review later!



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  1. I thought this was great and I appreciate your insight here. I’m not sure if you have them in your area but here where I live they have like these paths with different workout post and about eat mile or so. My friend who used to do cross fit says she does this now and it seems to be doing well for her. She also does keto with me and that helps alot. I really thought your comments about running were dead on, I’m trying to get to the point that i can incorporate.

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