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Office Declutter-Fest 2011

I read an article from Michelle @ Get Organized Wizard. In this article she talked about something she called “Declutter Fest 2011.” Michelle spent five days doing NOTHING but decluttering her house! Wow! Now, I don’t have a full five days to devote to decluttering, but I think if I set my sights a little lower (how about the extra bedroom instead of the whole house), I could really get something done!

So what’s the plan? The plan is five days of decluttering for 1 hour/day. To be completely honest, this won’t be starting immediately. If you’ve been here long, you know I’m a do-it-that-day kinda girl. But see… there’s this little thing called the World Series… and my Rangers just happen to be playing in it. Which means I am already booked up for Wednesday evening. Hopefully, that will be the end of things and I can have the next five days in a row. But if for some reason the baseball gods aren’t smiling on us Wednesday, I will have to watch baseball Thursday evening as well, thus putting off my declutter another day.

Michelle had a white board that she listed all of her goals on. That’s great, but I don’t have a white board! So we’re going to have to make do with a plain old list. Oh the sacrifices I make!

Crafts Stuff
Baby Clothes/Baby Stuff
Home office Stuff
Other Stuff

Starting this weekend there will be a lot of changes in my household. We are moving things around! This all starts with a closet renovation on Saturday. Getting all the clothes in the closet opens up the dresser for craft stuff. Getting the craft stuff out of the spare bedroom opens up the shelves in there to be moved into Braden’s room. Moving the shelves into Braden’s room opens up the extra room’s closet for… you get the idea.

Another extremely important by-product of Office Declutter-Fest 2011 is that I will be able to get to my sewing machine and get to work on those Christmas presents! Christmas in August, meet Christmas hopefully-before-December-25th.

So join me! And keep me honest! Because October 27th (ok maybe 28th) starts Office Declutter-Fest 2011!


Things to Come

July is drawing to a close and my kitchen is looking great – if you look past the crumbs and the tiny fingerprints, but at least it’s being used more efficiently! This is not my re-cap post so I’m going to leave you in suspense as far as details go!

August is going to be a busy time for me. I turn 25 on the 16th (Happy Birthday to Me!!!). I am going to two rock shows. I have a surprise baby shower to throw for a co-worker (don’t worry, she doesn’t know I blog). My mom’s birthday is the 17th (Happy Birthday to her!!!), and of course we can’t forget the good-ol’ 9 to 5 11 hour job.

As far as projects go I have a few things in mind. I’m a horrible decision maker, so I thought I would leave it up to y’all! Please leave me a comment and let me know what I should focus on!

a) the office/sewing room/play room
b) Christmas in August
c) finishing up those pesky loose ends

The most obvious project (when you glance around my house) is the office. I have fabric scraps all over the floor. I just moved a new hutch in, and the bins I previously used for fabric are empty and taking up space. My sewing table is trashed. The desks are cluttered (with stuff and empty coke cans). It’s not a usable space right now. It’s supposed to be a play room and I’m afraid to let my son in there.
Now, even if this is not my August focus, I’m going to clean the crap off the floor so little man can go in there. So don’t let the safety of my child sway your vote! I’m not heartless! hehe!
If I focus on the office, I will discuss storage of my crafty stuffs, sewing stuffs, bill paying stuffs, and toy stuffs. I *may* touch on computer storage of my digital stuffs and possibly some debt management Dave Ramsey stuffs.
The only downside to doing the office is that it will have to be redone in about a year anyway. We are going to be making some big changes to our whole house (and what room is use for what), so my whole vision will 100% be changing. Lol!

This Christmas, Derek and I have decided to do primarily homemade gifts. I will be sewing gifts for our family and friends. I am still a novice sewist (I don’t know if that’s a word but it sounds better than sewer! ick!), and I want to give myself PLENTY of time to make things, not like them, try again, etc. I have a fairly complete list of who gets what and I’m ready to get started!
If I focus on Christmas in August, I’ll share homemade gift ideas, progress on making them, as well as a few tutorials for things I make up as I go! This will primarily be a sewing month, however I’m not ruling out other projects (there are a few people I haven’t decided on yet). If I do go this route and you have great gift ideas (or know someone who does), let me know! I’d love to do a features post, or even have guest posters if anyone is interested!

Finishing up loose ends is probably the least glamorous of my projects. There are a ton of things I need to finish up around the house. Off the top of my head, and without even looking up from the computer, I need to a) finish the curtains in the office b) paint the master bathroom vanity doors c) finish painting the master bathroom d) make a wedding gift for my friend e) make a baby shower gift for another friend f) finish painting doors (front & back) g) bleach the outside chair cover so I can use it as a pattern h) spray paint the outdoor chair (orange?)… I could keep going!

As far as the logical order goes:
Having the office clean and organized would help with making gifts and give me a clean space to tie up those loose ends.
Finishing with Christmas stuff (or at least getting a good start on it) would allow me to relax a little bit and ensure quality gifts come Christmas time. It would also be a HUGE weight off of my shoulders, because I dwell on this a lot!
Finishing up those pesky loose ends would clear my to-do list to work on bigger projects like the office and Christmas.
So yea… the logical order is to do all 3 at once! haha!

Ok voting time! In a comment, please tell me which you think I should do for August and why? Remember to also let me know if you have a post you’d like to be featured and/or would be interested in a guest post. My e-mail is anestinthemaking {at} gmail {dot} com! July is almost over people and it’s time for a new POA!!!


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>Paper Project Update

>Ok the last few steps have been a little simpler and so I haven’t given them each a post. So let’s just call this the steps 3-5 update!

Step # 3 – Receipts

This is not a huge issue for us. We use the Dave Ramsey envelope system and the receipts are kept in there. I like the idea of keeping them elsewhere, but I worry that might be a bit too much of a change for us right now. For the time being, I vow to work hard to actually keep track of my reciepts and to actually record all of my purchases. Then down the line we can see if there is a better system to implement.

Step #4 – Maintaining

This is a big one, however not something I acn do on my own and write a cute post about! I did talk to the dear husband this weekend, and we have come up with some plans.

Here is our “before” routine:
– he’s home at 5:30
– grab mail on the way in
– open mail and leave on chair
– leave pile of mail for me either in the diaper bag or on the floor next to the diaper bag
– I’m home at 7:30
– don’t see the piles
– assume there’s no mail
– wonder how the house got trashed

So I asked my loved one if he minded NOT bringing in the mail as soon as he got home. It had become part of his routine because “I’m outside anyway” but he understands why it’s best to leave it in the mail box until we need it. I want to invest in a mail center for us where I can put things “to file” and “to do” etc. Then once a week I can go through and get it all put up. My logic says “put it up as you go” but this is not a reasonable expectation from my husband. I think a good compromise will be to have a place for him to put it, and then I can deal with it Friday on my day off.

Today is the first mail day since this discussion, so we’ll see how it goes! I think that having our clean office space will be a big help with this as well. I receive so many free samples every week, and if I have a clean desk, he can just plop them there for me to go through.

Step #5 – Going Paperless

I need to come up with a POA (plan of action) for this one. We do not get paper bank statements, but we do get statements from most credit cards/utility companies. What I need to do is make a list and then go company by company requesting to go paperless. This shouldn’t take long, but needs to be done. Maybe a good Friday project.

So here is my step 3-5 gameplan (so y’all can keep me honest!):

1) Get better about tracking cash payments and keeping reciepts
2) Work with husband to get our new (less paper-piley) routine going
3) Contact anyone who sends me a bill to ask them about paperless

>From Dream to Reality…

>Well…we’re getting there! I won’t have a grand “reveal” for a while because there is just SO much work that needs to be done to this room (and the house in general). But so you don’t have to stay in suspense much longer, here we go!

My dream:

My reality (so far):

(The GORGEOUS floating shelves my lovely father-in-law threw together in about 15 minutes… I swear he can make anything)

(Pardon the mess… Mr. IT needs room to work)

And so, instead of a “Before” and “After” I give you a “Pretty-paint-drawing-of-what-I-want” and “What-I-got!”


Not too shabby for my first project (if I don’t say so myself… which I do…)!

To Do List:

Paint shelves and windowsill (white)
Install new (taller & white) baseboards
Put router up on shelf (need longer cord)
Make memo board
Make chalkboard for the little dude
Re-upholster chairs
Learn how to upholster chairs (heh…)
New (less black) drapes
Hide cords behind computer desks
Hide cords dangling from new GORGEOUS floating shelves

And that’s it… at least that I can think of now. And maybe a rug… I have a nice black shag rug that could work, but I may need to cut it down. I’m thinking of going with a circle theme (for my sculpture) and cutting the rug (LOL) into a circle might be a good addition. We’ll have to see, but for now… SO HAPPY!
Make sculpture piece for long empty wall (this is going to be awesome! can’t wait to share!)

>Project Paper Catch Up

>Step #2 was to get all of that paper junk into pretty little file folders!


So just to show that we’re making progress…

(my desk)
(my dear husband’s desk… complete with husband!)

(my craft table… see the Silhouette machine under there! STILL haven’t used it! ugh!)

(filing cabinets which will soon be gone)

(recycling can full of paper)

(shred pile… ugh! The shredder better buy me dinner and wine after the intimate time we’re going to spend together!)

So the plan was to move on very quickly to step #3 & #4 BUT… I have had a little helper join me and he’s about done blogging for the time being! Progress is good but now it’s baby time!

>Project Paper – Day #1

>Welcome to Day #1 of Jen at IheartOrganizing’s Project Paper challenge!

Yesterday’s challenge had 3 parts:
1) Research what you need to hold on to
2) Keep what you need
3) Recyle the rest!

After my little man went to bed last night, I got to work. I started wth my Mary kay filing because it needed to be done. I pulled it all out and consolidated it into 2 expandable files. I’m not sure why I needed two whole filing cabinet drawers for this before…

The next thing I did was to tackle the personal/home filing. It didn’t take long to go through, and I ended up with a nice sized pile of trash, and a nice sized pile of things to be shredded. We don’t actually get pay stubs anymore (they’re available online), so there really isn’t much that we have to keep. I have taxes of course, a section for house stuff (warranty, receipts from work we’ve had done/appliances, electricity agreement, etc), a section for cars (service policy information, can insurance, etc),a section for medical stuff, a section for legal stuff and that’s all I can think of right now (I’m not able to go to the office right this second).

Other things I found in the cabinets that will need homes:
Spare sheets for the futon we no longer have
Instruction booklets for anything we’ve ever owned
Lots of office supplies

So here are my drawers now:

(personal/home files…)

(Mary Kay filing)
I anticipate getting rid of more paper clutter from the keep pile as I start putting things back together. My next big step is going to be rounding up all of the rest of the paper from the room. I have a plan though! I’m going to take 3 big cardboard boxes and put them in the middle of the room. One will be trash, one will be shred, and one will be keep. Then I am going to buzz around the office like a little bee until there is not one piece of paper that can be seen outside of those boxes. I *might* take a picture after this because it will be a huge transformation just the get the “crap” out, but I might not. I’m thinking it may be best to wait on the full office pictures so that I can shock everyone with an amazing before and after later! We’ll see!

>January Challenge!


Jen over at IHeartOrganizing has issued a challenge for January! Clean out your paper clutter!
Where does your paper monster live? Mine is in the home office. It started out admirably enough. “Oh my goodness! This house is a mess! I have GOT to get the ____ [insert messy room name] cleaned up or I’m moving!” But then lazy happened. “I have this huge pile of stuff I need to file/put away and it all goes in the office… maybe instead of spending 30 seconds doing that right now, it would be a BETTER idea for me to take the stack and set it on some random flat surface in the correct room! That way I can promise myself I’ll get to it later and never do it!”
So that’s what I did. Once… twice… thrice (???)… A MILLION GAZILLION TIMES! So now the office looks like this:

(This is a slightly cleaned up version… I actually started picking at the office in December so this isn’t the lowest of lows).
This is actually great timing for a project like this one! My dear husband and I have been talking about re-doing the office. It was a great place for two gamers to hang out when we first moved in. When we found out we were having the little man we had to do start office renovation part one.
I originally had an L shaped desk floating in the middle of the room with both of our computers on it. It actually looked pretty cool, but there were cords EVERYWHERE and somewhere in my “OMG LEARN ABOUT BABY” books it said that infants shouldn’t play with electrical cords. So that’s how our computers got where they are now.
We took the L-Shaped desk and took out the middle joint section leaving us with 2 regular desks. We threw them up against the wall, and put our filing cabinets in between to hold the printer. Why do we have two filing cabinets? Well, I had one in my apartment, and my lover had one in his apartment… so when we moved together we had two! Can you tell I’m an accountant? Look at that math! We bought a futon to put along the other wall and put a bookshelf in the corner. It was actually realy cute looking… if not entirely functional.
Fastforward almost a year (my little man will be one in 21 days… but who’s counting?) and we’ve re-arranged again. First of all, Dave Ramsey told us we should sell stuff to have an emergency fund. Goodbye futon and bookshelf! Hello baby step #1!
So then we had an estate sale for my grandmother and I picked up these two lovely chairs!
Doesn’t that beautiful orange just scream 1973?! So those will be my first re-upholster project… wish me luck! We also inherited a nice big dining room table which makes me sooo happy!
Our smaller round table has made it’s way to the office. We trashed our big ugly falling apart office chairs and are now using our small ugly “retro” chairs at the desks AND at the table when needed. It’s really not half bad! Except… do you remember that picture up at the beginning?
Here it is again:

Oh yea! There’s no room for anything! So anyway, here is my plan for the room:

For those of you who can’t appreciate my insane paint skills, I plan to push the computer desks up to surround the window on the front wall. The round table will be folded down to take up less room on the wall where the desks are now. The computer accessories (silhouette, printer, router, NPC scanner, etc) will be on floating shelves in the corners above the desks. I plan on making a fun chalkboard area for the little man also. The filing cabinets are GONE! I figure the few paper things we need to keep can be put in a small portable file (thank you Jen for the idea) in the closet, and we can get rid of the cabinets completely! So I’m going to sell those on Craig’s List, and use the proceeds to get the portable solution for the closet!
And now for the great segue you’ve all been waiting for…
If I’m going to get my room to go from this:

To this:

I’ve got to get my paper clutter in order (and for the most part shredded and gone).

Stay tuned for updates as this transformation takes place!