6/1/17 – 2 mile easy
I learned about macros from a friend today. I used IIFYM to calcualate what mine should be and came up with 123 carbs, 55 fat, and 106 protein. I tried to do well for dinner but had already eaten most of my meals before I learned.

6/2/17 – rest
This was date night. I did well with my macros until our date dinner. The meal I ordered (and accounted for in MFP) was bigger than I expected and I couldn’t finish it. Then we went out for yogurt (unplanned), which I estimated the amounts I put in. I ended up way over on carbs (not surprised), but everything else was good.

6/3/17 – 3 mile “long”
I had trouble getting my protein in. Derek offered to buy me a half and half sweet tea and I accepted. This put me a little over on carbs. Otherwise I did well.

6/4/17 – 0.25 mile swim (cross)
It is difficult to plan for small group without knowing what will be offered. This can’t really be avoided. I ate additional green beans, bread, strawberries and dessert – mostly carbs which I was already slightly over on.
Swimming went well. It was more difficult than I anticipated. I was really tired and my form was horrible, but hopefully that will improve. I was exhausted after. I’m excited to keep it up throughout the summer.
My left leg has been bothering me lately. It feels a lot like my right did a few years ago when I had all those IT band issues. The main difference being that my knee doesn’t hurt and I can still run. I’ve been stretching it out well and today I decided to test my glutes. Before, my issue was caused by my right glute being substantially weaker than the left. I did some single leg bridges and, lo and behold, the left leg is now weaker. What is with my body? So now I will be adding a simple strength program to my run/swim days. When I rehabbed before I did them every day, but since I am still running I will keep my rest days for full rest. I will do 20 clams each side, 3 sets of 10 squats (unweighted), 15 bird dogs each side, and 3 sets of 10 bridges (both legs). Hopefully I can nip this in the bud and avoid an actual injury!

*random possibly ignorant thought: I thought I was looking pretty good before small group. I am definitely less “poofy” than I was. So I went to small group and ate a ton of carbs (lots of bread, potatoes and dessert). When I came home I noticed I was bloated. Is this why so many people think they can’t have carbs? (I’m not talking about celiac or legitimate medical issues that make you avoid gluten, etc. I understand that.) I had eaten most of my daily allotment of carbs before I left, and wasn’t bloated at all. I ate them throughout the day in a balanced way. It was only the high carbs all at once (not balanced) that affected me. People love an “easy fix,” and “low carbs” is much easier to swallow than “decent amount of carbs balanced with the right amount of protein and fat.” Again, I’m not talking about medical issues here. I just wonder if part of the “low carb” obsession is not wanting to deal with balancing your meals. It definitely takes work. These are the random things I think of in the shower at night.

6/5/17 – rest
I have swim lessons for the kids this afternoon. For the little one, that means I will be swimming as well. So while this is a “rest” day, it is not going to be a complete rest. Luckily we don’t have swim lessons on Fridays so that will be my complete rest day.

6/6/17 – 2 mile easy
I ran in the morning because the pasture is swampy from all the rain. It felt good to get out there on the roads.
I got my macros planned out to nearly perfect. We’ll see how today goes on sticking to the plan.

6/7/17 – 3 mile tempo
Ok y’all this was fun. I set out as soon as it was light outside. Instagram (wherever they get their numbers) said it was 68 degrees. I did a half mile warm up – no biggie, just a zone 2 run like usual. Then I took off. I mean I really did. The goal was to run my mile repeats in zone 4. My fastest pace for that part was 8:32, and that happened right at the beginning. I slowed down throughout the mile and finished with an average pace of 10:48 (I dropped into the 11s when I hit a long hill at the halfway point. Then I stood still for 90 seconds and just enjoyed the beautiful sunrise. The sun was pink this morning. It was amazing to see and really take in God’s glory. I took off for my second mile, this time with my max pace of 9:01 (also at the beginning). I had a few slow hills in here and finished with an average pace of 11:01. Then I cooled down with a final zone 2 half mile. At this point my HR was all over the place. I had a hard time getting it low enough and keeping there. I did a lot of walking.
I will repeat this workout every 3 weeks, increasing the # of mile repeats as my workouts require. I think I will stick to the same route when I can, just to be able to see the progress better. My first goal is to not lose so much on the hills. It would be nice to not have to walk on my zone 2 hills, and not slow down to the 11s-12s on my zone 4 hills.
I’m actually happy with my fast start and gradual slow down for each repeat. I’m not sure what the “official” purpose of tempo runs is – maybe I’m doing it wrong. My goal is to get speed on my legs (because it feels so darn good), and to push myself for how fast I can go within that zone. I (in all my scientific glory… ha) figure a good way to do this is to run at the threshold of the zone I am in. My zones 2-4 are basically 10bpm ranges, which helps. So I run fast to get up to zone 4 (not over), and then slow down as necessary to not get into zone 5. I do the same on my zone 2 runs, which also leads to slowing my pace at the end. But I’m not running for pace, I’m running for HR. I don’t think you can do both at the same time anyway.

6/8/17 – 2 mile easy – SKIPPED
My hip hurts y’all. It feels like when I had my IT band injury on the other leg, except for my knee does not hurt bad. I don’t remember if my hip hurt first last time or my knee. Basically, it is familiar and it is scary. I’m taking today off to rest. I’m going to be more diligent with my rehab. I’m going to look this in the face and stop pretending it is just going to go away. I am prepared to drop a day of running if needed. I don’t know that it is a good idea… just something I told myself I was willing to do. I can’t blow up my leg like I did training for Cowtown Half 2 years ago. I’m scared, but I’m going to try hard to fix this.
My husband is more rational than I am. After talking to him, I will take an entire week off. I will start again on 6/18 and just work on icing, stretching, rolling and strengthening in the mean time.

6/9/17 – rest

6/10/17 – 5 mile long – SKIPPED

6/11/17 – 0.25 mile swim (cross) – BIKED 2 miles

6/12/17 – rest
Progress today! So here’s what has happened. I was having some pain that worked itself out during a run. I would feel it after though. I decided to rest. I spent Thursday and Friday sitting and RESTING – HARD RESTING. I did very little and tried to sit on my bum and really rest. OUCH! It started hurting worse. Sunday I was in horrible pain before my bike ride. So today I did some research. Someone recommended another myofascial release tool for me to try and in looking at that I followed the rabbit trail and found what I was looking for! Let’s all admit that when we use Dr. Google, we’re just looking to find a source to back up what we think the answer is, right? I found it (and a reputable source at that). I’m not crazy that I had more pain when I sat a lot. My problem is my piriformis (not my IT band) and it can be bothered by sitting! So after reading half the articles on Duncan Sports PT website and attempting most of the exercises on her instagram, here is what I have decided. I have piriformis pain caused by weak glutes and an over-achieving TFL. I will start working to strengthen my gluteus maxius and medius with her recommended exercises, focusing on engaging the CORRECT muscle. In practicing this today, I was able to alleviate some pain momentarily, simply by using the correct muscle. I’m going to continue with my plan to bike Tues-Thurs, Saturday and then run again next Tuesday.  I may skip my Wednesday (or replace with biking) depending on how I feel. I could also drop the mileage on my Wednesday down. My main concern is overdoing it by jumping in to a 13 mile week after a full week of rest. I’m really not sure how big of a deal that is. I’m not sure what I will do. But I”m going to play with my Wednesdays to give myself a rest if needed.

6/13/17 – 2 mile easy – SKIPPED

6/14/17 – 3 mile 400s – SKIPPED

6/15/17 – 2.5 mile easy – SKIPPED

6/16/17 – rest

6/17/17 – 3 mile long – SKIPPED

6/18/17 – 0.25 mile swim (cross)

6/19/17 – rest

6/20/17 – 2 mile easy

6/21/17 – 3 mile 800s

6/22/17 – 2.5 mile easy

6/23/17 – rest

6/24/17 – 5.5 mile long

6/25/17 – 0.25 mile swim (cross)

6/26/17 – rest

6/27/17 – 3 mile easy

6/28/17 – 3 mile tempo

6/29/17 – 3 mile easy

6/30/17 – rest


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