Heart Rate Training – Week 12

Last week doesn’t count! I had a cold at the end of the week 11 and managed to get my race in BUT (big but there) I felt horrible after! So I skipped my BBG. I had a head cold that morphed into a chest cold. I also had all 3 kids home (2 seats in the stroller). I didn’t feel well until Thursday morning. I still wasn’t 100% but there was definite improvement. So I went for a run. I ended up cutting it short because my HR was shooting up so high and taking a while to come down. It is fascinating how my HR shows that I wasn’t really better, even though I felt much better than before. Exciting things happened starting Friday and I missed my run Saturday as well. So I’m beginning this week on a week of rest, and also with an extra BBG day (week 4 – Friday) to catch up with.

As to the exciting things, I cannot elaborate right now. I should be able to share (or not) within a week or two. In the mean time, I will not be increasing my long runs. I will still do my MAF test this week because data! However, I will keep my long runs at 1 hr 5 min. I don’t want to drop to less than 3 days a week of running, but I can’t afford to spend any extra time away from the home at this point. Exciting things!

In general, I’m excited to get back to running this week. I’m also a little nervous. I hope that an entire week of rest makes this week easier for me. Hopefully my body will be nice and rested/recovered and ready to jump back in to it. My fear, on the other hand, is that a week of no workouts will have killed my ability to “do it all” and I will struggle this week. I don’t really want to be exhausted! We shall see, I suppose.

Monday 11/28 – Planned medium run of 50 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 40 minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG (catch up). Completed 3.35 miles at 14:55 (Warm up 15:40, Work 14:28, Cool down 18:46).
I started out strong but had trouble keeping my HR down towards the end. It seems to be at the same spot (close to the park) where I start having trouble. The elevation data doesn’t work for some reason, so I can’t see if I’m right. It feels like we go downhill to that point and then a steeper grade uphill into the park. That means on the way back I get a short downhill followed by a gradual uphill the whole way back. It feels that way and my HR acts as if that’s the case. I can’t wait until I can run the whole way without having to stop so often to walk. I may try going over the tracks instead, but I think that way has steeper hills. There’s nothing particular to report about this run. I do feel like I went farther than my last 50 minute MAF run, but I had stomach issues the last time so it wouldn’t be surprising.
I also completed BBG week 4 (full body). I was not feeling well at all after lunch but I didn’t want to miss. I took my time going through the moves and got it done. There was no award for speed, but I’m proud of completing it.

I read somewhere (credible, although I don’t have a link) about push up form. I read that I was doing it wrong. My arms were too far out from my body. I didn’t understand why this was bad, and so I did some more research. I found a video discussing the shoulder joint and location of the bursa there. I learned that, if your arms are up at 90 degrees (the exact angle is less than that, but 90 is included), your bursa is ineffective and you can cause damage to your shoulder. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your hands closer to your body while you do push ups. This keeps the angle of your shoulder down and allows the bursa to do it’s job. This made sense to me so I decided to make the change. Wow! It’s a lot harder to do push ups this way. I am assuming this is because I was using different muscles when I did them with wide arms. I hope that, as I get stronger, I will get better at doing them this way. It’s a little humbling. I could bang out the push ups before and now I am slow. I have to take breaks. Keeping my core tight is so much more challenging and necessary (I think that is a good thing). The morning after, my front shoulders (upper chest?) are so tight! I can feel that I did something different. It doesn’t feel bad at all, just like using unused muscles.

Tuesday 11/29 – Planned walk of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 40 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG. Completed BBG and my walk (forgot to start the watch).

Wednesday 11/30 – Planned medium run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 40 minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Completed 2.9 miles at 15:23 (Warm up 15:47, Work 14:21, Cool down 19:51).

Thursday 12/1 – Planned walk of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 40 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG. Completed BBG only.

Friday 12/2 – Planned rest.

Saturday 12/3 – Planned MAF test (5 miles). 10 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 65 minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate, and BBG.  Rested.


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