Have you noticed that I change my workout plan nearly every week? I’m always adding or taking away or changing. I always have some great scheme of how or why or when I will do XYZ to make things happen. But nothing is happening. I’m not loosing weight or belly fat. Apparently this bothers me a lot more than I even realized myself.

I talked to my husband tonight about my workouts. With the big changes going on, I’m not able to leave my BBG equipment out. It would be easier (significant stress relief) if I just quit BBG and put the stuff away for now. But I don’t *want* to. I’m not enjoying BBG this time, but I do enjoy getting stronger. My husband said “You know I think you work out too much. I just stopped saying it because you didn’t listen.” What?! No I didn’t know that. Honestly, every time he said that I made changes. I explained that to him, and that because he no longer said anything I thought he was on board. He said I made changes but not reductions. I still work out 10 times a week. I pointed out that it was 6 times, but conceded the point.

If I cut out BBG (spoiler alert: I am) I will be down to 3 workouts a week. This doesn’t seem like enough for me. So I’m going to do 4. I will run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (when I can). I will walk as often as I can in the afternoons, no longer trying to stick to certain days.

My weight loss/exercise this past year jumps around a lot.

  • Summer of 2015 I started running again. I did the Zombie 5k program and finished it about the time school started.
  • Fall of 2015 I ran 5 days a week until I was injured in October. It was IT band related.
    • I went from 136lbs to 128lbs. I did not do any strength training. I probably walked some because I like walking. Plus life.
  • Winter of 2015/2016 I was on full rest. This stunk. My weight was sporadic but I bottomed out at 126 when I began BBG.
  • Spring of 2016 I did BBG. Got down to 121. When BBG stopped in April, I took a break from exercise. I completed a half marathon in February (completely untrained) and possibly got a stress fracture in my foot. Finishing BBG was difficult because my feet hurt so bad. I stopped running and was relieved when BBG was over. I gained up to 124.
    • My weight is sporadic throughout all of this. I track it daily and just look at the highest starting weight and lowest weight towards the end. I just say that to say my weight graph was not a steady down for the year. There was tons of movement, but the general trend went down 15 lbs.
    • Also to note, I lost 4 lbs in the first week of doing BBG. I assume this was water consumption and watching my diet.
    • Finally, lest you think I’m stuck on the scale, these numbers accurately reflect how I felt about my body at the time. I was soft prior to BBG. At the end of BBG my body was much leaner (dropped multiple jean sizes) and my belly was not nearly as flabby as it had been. I was also (obviously) much stronger, but this discussion focuses on my appearance and how I feel about it.
  • Summer of 2016 I began running again (mid June). I started being “serious”at this point. I ran 3x a week (tempo, interval, and long) and lifted 3x a week. I began lifting heavy weights. I really enjoyed this and maintained it to school starting in August.
    • July 30th I weight 127. I did not notice this happen, to be honest.
  • Fall of 2016 I started running only. In September I ran 5x a week. Unfortunately I did not track my weight at all during this time. I completed my second half marathon at the end of September and took 2 weeks of rest. I started “heart rate training” in September, but in October I began using the Maffetone method. Prior to that I ran by HR but did not yet know about aerobic/anaerobic training. I weighed myself October 10th and weighed 131. When I began the Maffetone method for running I also restarted BBG. I wrote about how I wanted to lose weight doing this and how BBG had worked so well for me in the past. November 4th I was 132. That is about what I am right now at week 5 of BBG.

Things I notice:

  1. I saw the most improvement in my appearance when I did BBG the first time. During this time I was very careful of my diet/hydration. I also followed her program exactly, not adding any extra workouts. I originally said I lost the most weight then, but that is not true. The scale went down more prior to BBG when I just ran, but I was really happy with how my body tightened up during BBG. I never had abs or anything. I was still soft in a feminine way, but I felt good about how my belly looked.
    • My logic in restarting BBG was that, with BBG plus running, I would surely have even more progress. That has not happened. I also haven’t stuck to my water or diet as well as I should. I’m not really sure what my diet should be for weight loss right now but that’s probably another post.
    • When I started running right after BBG, I was significantly faster than I was pre BBG. I lost that speed over the summer.
  2. The biggest difference on the scale happened when I was just running. At the time I ran hard every time I ran (4 stroller runs and 1 long run). I pushed myself every single time and lost a lot of weight. I also got a significant injury. Great progress but not repeatable. ha.
    • I did not have a HR monitor at the time, but I believe I was actually running my long runs aerobically. The times match up, and I worked hard to run slow so that I could increase my mileage.
  3. Since ramping up my exercise (summer and fall) I Have gained  11 lbs. More than just the number, I can see it. My jeans fit tighter. My belly is looser than it has been. I just feel soft in a not-good way. Like flabby soft, not feminine soft.
  4. I claim to want to try the Maffetone method, however I’m not really doing it. I imagine, if I were to sit down with him, he would give me a list of things I am doing wrong:
    • I am too stressed out. I feel myself being short with my kids. I’m not sure what exactly is the main stressor, but something (or things) has me stressed.
    • I am over training, possibly not for normal life, but in light of my stress I am doing too much.
    • I am including anaerobic weight training.
    • My target HR for my aerobic runs is too high.
    • I eat too much crap – sugar especially.
    • I don’t dink enough water.

I don’t have a big summary to this. I’m vomiting my current thoughts out into the internet (always a good idea). I suppose I’ll end this like I end pretty much every post, with a new  plan.

  • No more BBG. I feel like a “quitter” but that’s dumb and I need to get over it.
  • Run 4x a week (M, W, TH & S). For now all of my runs will be the same – aerobic of varying distances. I will continue to build my distance, so eventually I will hit a point where my Saturday runs slow down to a more traditional “long run.”
  • Focus on drinking enough water.Track calories again. I need to figure out my goal, but I will keep track of my weight and calories daily so that I have better data to look at later.

      Side note: I know weighing daily doesn’t work for most people. It does for me. I honestly hadn’t looked at my past data until I started this post. It was fascinating to see that, when I thought I was really working out and doing great, I was actually just gaining weight and losing my progress on belly flab. I’m grateful that I had kept the data for the most part. I think it can be an important tool in analyzing what works for you, if you can handle not fixating on the daily number. Another reason I like weighing daily is that I can clearly see how my diet/water consumption affects me. As an example, I remember a day during BBG when we went to CiCi’s. I knew we would and planned ahead. I knew the calories in the pizza I liked and how many pieces I could have. I even had extra in lieu of dessert. The next day the scale had not gone up. I had successfully managed a “cheat” meal. Another time I ate something and gained 3lbs over night. Obviously that is impossible, but I knew that whatever I had eaten differently did not sit right with my body. I could also tell the days I didn’t drink enough water because the scale would inch up a little more than the usual fluctuation.

        All that to say, you do you. Weighing daily works for me but not for everyone.

It is silly because looking at this now it looks like a balanced workout schedule. However, when I started typing this I was anxious and upset about the idea of working out less. I still am when I put it that way. But I’m going to try this and see how it goes. Hopefully, if nothing else, my stress will drop. I love running and now I get to do a little more of it.

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