Heart Rate Training – Week 11

The best laid plans right? I changed my mind again.

Monday night I was tired. Not just tired, but exhausted. Hubby was out working in the shop and after cleaning up from the day I couldn’t stay awake to wait for him to come in. I read a little of Maffetone’s book but couldn’t keep my eyes open.
One thing he said stuck with me. He talks about how over-training doesn’t necessarily mean your training is wrong or too much. He talks about how it’s all related to your life as a whole. So, while my training plan is sound, perhaps I am so tired because my life is crazy busy and a little bit stressful (the mental plays a part as well). So after having trouble getting up Tuesday morning I decided to make (another and hopefully final) change.

So here’s the plan:

  • Monday – medium run at MAF heart rate
  • Tuesday – BBG and walk
  • Wednesday – medium run at MAF heart rate
  • Thursday – BBG and walk
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – long run (see other post for that spiel) and BBG
  • Sunday – rest

I am sticking with the idea that all of my runs are technically “recovery” effort because of the low HR. So there’s no need to double up my more difficult workouts on the same day to have a real rest. My most “difficult” run is a rest. The exception could be the long run, but that has to be doubled up anyway to allow for 2 rest days so it just works out.

This also works better with my life. 2 days a week I get to come home and do BBG in between kiddo drop offs. That frees up so much time for me (and mental stress from trying to fit it in) by getting it done early. Then I can go walk in the afternoon between kiddo pick ups. I’m already out, so instead of sitting in the car I’ll walk around the neighborhood by the school. I’m really excited to give this a try.


Monday 11/14/16 – Planned medium run of 50 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 40 minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Completed 2.76 miles at 15:49. I turned the program off when I decided to walk, so I don’t have my usual data. My splits were 13:43, 14:53, and 19:43 (partial). I got really sick while I was out. I felt horrible. I ended up walking back to avoid a horrible bathroom embarrassment. Ugh! I haven’t felt like that in so long! Actually I haven’t felt like that at all since I started working out at a lower heart rate. For that reason, I’m assuming it was not related to the workout alone. I felt sick Sunday night but thought I was fine in the morning but apparently not. You can really see how poorly I felt in my splits. The fastest split includes the walking warm up. ha!

Tuesday 11/15/16 – Planned walk of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG. Completed 2.19 miles at 18:52 (Warm up 18:54, Work 19:14, Cool down 17:16). I didn’t wear the heart rate monitor. It seems less important for the walks. Plus with all of those hills I don’t have much of a say. I’m pushing a hundred something pounds and going up hills – if it goes up it goes up. So maybe that will be part of the new deal: no heart rate monitor on the walks.
BBG went great! I got a little nauseous but I had a great time reminiscing on my first time through the program. I remembered how weeks 2/4 were the hardest for me. I couldn’t hardly do it. I hated them and just wanted them over. Today was fun though! I can tell I’m getting stronger and it just feels great that something that was so hard for me before is just another workout now.

Wednesday 11/16/16 – Planned walk of _ minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, _ minutes work at 3 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Completed 3.09 miles at 15:10 (Warm up 17:30, Work 13:49, Cool down 18:48). This run cemented my thoughts that Monday’s stomach issues were a one off. I felt great. I am noticing a few trends on the trail though. Past the train tracks, on the way to the park, there are a lot of up hills. I struggle to run this without my heart rate getting too high. It really throws off my groove, because I have trouble maintaining my heart rate after that which, in theory, should be easier because it is downhill. But it’s not. I struggle basically the whole way back. I’m sure it’s something about the hills hitting when am reaching a point where my body is more tired anyway.
I spent this run thinking about the 5k on Friday. It’s been a long time since I attempted to do anything fast. I really don’t even know what “fast” is to me any more. I don’t want to gas myself but I want to push myself and perform the best that I can. I really don’t know what that feels like. This is how I get stuck in my head. Anyway I’m going to talk to the hubby (we’re going to run together) but I think maybe I want to try an 11 min pace on the first mile and aim for negative splits. I’m really just worried about getting excited, feeling great, and gassing. I have not ran a 5k in over 5 years AND the only 5ks I’ve ever done were when I couldn’t run 3 miles. So this is basically my first 5k as a runner. I know I can run 3 miles – no problem. Now I just want to run it as fast as I can. It’s funny having done 2 half-marathons as my only races since I started running. It puts me in a really weird place mentally. I keep thinking I have to get my pacing right because there is no time to correct it. In 13 miles, if I start too fast, I have time to recover and then get going again. There is plenty of time to make changes and corrections. But a 5k will be done in less than 45 minutes if I walk (which I won’t). The other thought is that, with the Maffetone training that I am doing, I am not able to run fast EVER. It’s frustrating. In fact, I’m pretty sure this race is not approved but whatever. So I want to make the best of it. If I get one day in 6 months to go fast, darn it I want to go fast! Ha! Ok maybe I need a glass of wine or something to get out of my head. I just want to have fun!

Thursday 11/17/16 – Planned walk of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, _ minutes work at 3 heart rate (MAF), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG. Completed 1 miles at 29:15 (wu 26:32, work 29:59, cd skipped) and BBG. We had 3 4 year olds walking with us. It was a lot of fun to walk with them and see them enjoy running around.

Friday 11/18/16 – Planned rest.

Saturday 11/19/16 – Coyote Chase Race 5k and BBG, maybe.

Sunday 11/20/16 – Planned rest.

Week 11: 13.1 miles

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