Coyote Chase Race 5k

It was COLD this morning! We have had highs in the 80s for the last week or so, but last night a cold front came in and this morning’s race started at 39 degrees. I was freaking out last night because I didn’t really know what to wear. I was NOT prepared for this coldness!

We got there early and warmed up with a short walk/jog. Then we hung around waiting for the start. Derek and I ran together – kinda – but not really. We started together anyway. I saw the kiddos as we took off but I don’t think any of them actually saw me. I was past them when I saw and yelled for them. We were still in a huge crowd so I don’t know that they saw me.

Side note, this is the first time my children have come to an event. We didn’t try for Cowtown (cold) and they didn’t get to come to Plano Balloon Festival because of the storms. It was emotional and absolutely awesome to see them cheering me on and waving from the side. The second time we ran in to them, Derek was a little ahead of me. I saw him pick them up one at a time and spin them around. This cost him a medal in the end, but it was totally worth it to see them having fun seeing us at a race. So much love!

The first mile passed quickly. I was a little confused when my watch beeped. We started out up hill but my pace was great. Before hand, I had figured I would start at 11 minutes. That would be a fast pace but would allow me to have negative splits. It was really a shot in the dark since I had no clue what speed I could race at. I’ll be honest, running in my aerobic heart rate zone all the time messes with my head. I had no clue how fast I was capable of running. I just knew I didn’t want to gas. So that first mile I ran in 9:09. What?! A lady passed us telling her daughter “we’re going to try to keep a 9 minute pace” and I was like “why are you with me then?”

I did get slower, but that’s ok. Mile 2 was also uphill? In fact, I think the whole thing was up hill! Not much to report from mile 2. Derek was ahead of me a little bit. I took off my ear warmers. We ran in to the kids for the second time in this stretch. It was so cold out there but they looked so happy.  I ran this in 10:44.

Mile 3 I started feeling sick. Apparently it was a bad idea to eat a big greasy breakfast before my first hard run in months. Who would have thought? I had to walk a little bit on a hill. I was actually looking at businesses trying to find a place to use the restroom but everything was closed. The stomach pain passed pretty quickly and I was able to speed up again. I finished mile 3 in 11:13.

I was pretty gassed at the end. We went up hill (again) and I was struggling. I saw the kids waiting by the finish line though and pushed myself through. I sprinted in at the very end (well as best I could with what I had left) and finished strong in 32:34.

This was big for me. This is the first 5k I have ran since having my youngest 2 kids. I ran the Mom Run 5k 5/7/11 in 43:52 (lots of walking) and the Dad Fest 5k 6/12/10 in 48:09 (mostly walking). So I PRed by 11 minutes and 18 seconds. Ha! I also came in First in my age division (women 30-34) so I got a medal. My personal goal was to run sub 33 and I accomplished that as well. The plan was to run 11 and then post negative splits, but I got there a different way. ha! So all in all it was a great race and a lot of fun. I can see how 5ks could be addicting and I’m excited that we get to do 4 next year!

I compared my runs of similar distances since “ever” and found something that shocked me. I knew that this was a good time for me now and it is by far a PR for official races, but I had no idea how I stacked up to before my injury last year. I ran a lot then and I always see last year as being a time when I was in “better” shape. So I searched my Running Ahead archives. I viewed anything from 3.0 to 3.5 miles (since we aren’t looking at races here) and then sorted by pace and… PR there too! My next fastest time was in August, then March, then June and THEN 2015. March was nearly a full minute slower and August was 47 seconds (average pace here, not total time since the distances are not exact). I remember August. That was before I started my Maffetone training. I was doing sprints, long runs and speed runs. For the speed run, I would either run 1 mile as fast as I could (the beginning of summer) or run 3 miles as fast as I could (August). I just can’t believe that this is my personal best time. I’m ecstatic and it makes me a little emotional. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the progress I’m making. It’s back to the slow for me, but I can’t wait to see the progress I make in the next race we do.

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