Heart Rate Training – The Week that Wasn’t

Ready for some excuses? Good!

The plan, of course, was an easy run Monday and Wednesday, a medium run Tuesday and Thursday, and a long run Saturday. BBG was to be done Tues, Thurs and Sat.

Monday morning I woke up to a sick congested baby. The weather cooled a little this week. It was still 90s in the afternoons, but the mornings were high 60s which felt cold. I didn’t want to get the baby out in that with her not feeling well so… no morning run. I made it up by doing a walk at the school that afternoon. The roads there are so hilly that a walk gets my HR higher than it should be on an easy run. We also had running club that afternoon, but for me this is going to be more of a walk because baby. Heh. I tried running with the stroller but it was just too rough.

Tuesday morning baby was feeling worse. Skipped the run and did BBG.

Wednesday she started showing signs that it may be Croup. I did the walk in the afternoon at the school.

Thursday was rough after she was up more than once in the middle of the night with difficulty recovering from a cough. The weather called for a 46% chance of rain. I called it, but I did get BBG done.

Friday was a successful rest day. I think I did a really good job. I put in 100% effort and really rested all day.

Saturday we had baseball first thing in the morning. My husband wanted to work on the property and had been talking about it all week. I thought my long runs were a set-in-stone part of the schedule but he thought, since I didn’t mention it, I wasn’t going. So I decided not to go so that he could get his work done. The timing was off for the day that there was only a single window of time I could have gone anyway, so I wasn’t really worried about it. I planned to do BBG that night after my mother-son date night. After the kids went to bed I wasn’t feeling well (head and stomach) but I didn’t want to call it. I got started and pushed myself harder than I ever have (because that’s the logical thing to do when you don’t feel well). I apparently pushed myself too hard on the second circuit. I felt ok doing it but during my recovery period my HR didn’t get low enough. I paused my workout to let it fall and got started again when it was in a better (lower) zone. I was on the 2nd time through the 1st circuit which starts with squat + press x15. I did them and felt absolutely horrible afterwards. Recognizing the signs I checked my HR and it was really high – way higher than it should have been after just that. So I paused to rest again. This time I sat down and it took a long time for my HR to come down. It took even longer for the symptoms to go away. I let it get good and low (re: where it normally is when I get started) and stood up. Bam. Up by 40 and instant symptoms again. So I called it. My body was not having me go on.

I  have never called a workout before. I always finish. But I want to listen to my body. That is the point of the HR training (running) for me. It gives me measurable data to compare with how I feel. My HR never jumps that fast, even after a hard workout. I don’t know for a fact that it was “bad” but I know it wasn’t my “normal” and I’m good with my decision to stop.

I’m praying for healthy kiddos next week (and a healthy me) so I can get out there and get going. This month has been a bit of a wash in the running department but it’s all been due to illness. There isn’t really anything to be done about that but to do better once everyone is well. I know I need to be more vocal about my long runs being a priority, but I’m not worried about it as baseball ends this weekend so there will be a lot more free time on the weekends. I also may be able to make up runs missed due to illness since we won’t have baseball in the evenings, now that I think about it. So yea, getting my workouts in should be much easier after this week. And then we remember that we’re going in to the holiday season… ha! Still, this is a priority for me. Even though I’m not training for anything in particular, I am HR training and that gives me a goal. I have 2 weeks until my first HR test run, which I talked about in my last post. At this point, with missing so much, I just need to be able to run 5 miles by then! ha! But really, I can stop when I get too gassed and just make that my test. 5 miles is my goal test length (I think it will be good to see that many splits because data makes me happy), but I can get the same from less mileage, so long as I always get at least that many. So much flexibility.

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