Heart Rate Training – Week 5

Total Miles: 10.7 (Monday – Saturday)

Back at it this week! Phew! So the week before the race I “tapered.” I use quotes because I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I did, but I did less. The week after the race I rested and went for a run or two just to loosen up. Then we got sick, serious stomach bug sick. The whole family caught it and I was last, so… I got an extra rest week. But now I’m back at it.

I’ve made some changes to my routine. I want to start back with doing some strength and I had great success with BBG by Kayla Itsines before so that’s what I’m doing. The program calls for 3x bootcamp workouts and a few days of low intensity steady state cardio for now (later I will add in some HIIT). I have decided to focus more intensely on my aerobic threshold to make my running fit into this program. So, 2x a week I will do a medium run and BBG, 1x a week I will do a long run and BBG, 2x a week I will do an easy run (LISS), and 2x a week I will rest. Bye bye fast running… for now. When the program calls for HIIT, I will add it in with interval running. On a typical week my BBG days will be Tues, Thurs, and Sat, but until baseball is over I’ll just be doing my best to get it all done.

Saturday 10/8 (not included in weekly total)–  Planned tempo run of 45 minutes. 15 minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 13 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 12 minutes work at 4 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Completed 3.36 miles at 14:26 (wu 16:09, lv l3 14:30, lvl 4 11:16, cd 18:35).

Monday 10/10 – BBG only (school holiday + baseball).
This went well. I did BBG Pre-Training Week 3 Legs + Cardio. I’m starting with this week so that I can be on the same schedule as my friend. Last time I didn’t do any pre-training so I figure I’m still doing well. Another change is that I am using my watch. I wear my HR monitor (for data!) but I use the timers on my watch to tell me when to work and when to rest. This is a big change for me, as last time through I would rest a loooonggg time while I played on Instagram or tried to convince myself to keep working. This time I have to actually press pause if I want to rest longer than recommended and my pride won’t let me do that unless I need it (silly but whatever). It makes for a harder workout but also a faster workout. I was done in 30 minutes to the second, and able to move on to the next thing.

Tuesday 10/11 – Planned easy run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 1-2 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate.  Completed 1.78 miles at 19:55 (wu 20:00, work 19:52, cd 20:10).
I am so sore this morning! Oh my! BBG really kicked my booty yesterday. It’s a good feeling, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and being so sore as I rolled over to get comfy. I’m happy though. I like this feeling and I remember what I accomplished in the spring. I look forward to getting results like that again!
I ended up getting sick right as we were leaving to take the oldest to school. I had horrible stomach pains and the appropriate issues. Yuck! So Derek took the kids in to town while I huddled on the floor in my closet (true story). I was feeling better in the afternoon and planned to go after I picked up the middle boy, but then suddenly started feeling bad again. What?! I did end up getting my “run” in though! I’m proud of that! We had to get up to the fields an hour early to prep for our baseball game tonight. Normally I mill about while that is done. This time I brought my stroller and we went exploring.
There is a trail I wanted to check out, but it took us over a mile to find an entrance that was stroller accessible. heh. It was nice but VERY HILLY so my “run” turned into a walk, and even at that my heart rate was higher than it should have been. But whatever, I did my best.

Wednesday 10/12 – Planned medium run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate and BBG. Completed 2.62 miles at 15:57 (Warm up 18:02, Work 14:54, Cool down 20:31). My run felt pretty good. I was comfortable running within the level 3 heart rate which I’m excited about. That is the going to be my maximum range for a while, and the range for my monthly MAF Test. So I’m happy that it felt good (even with the stroller). I decided that, if I’m running slow all the time, I REALLY need to start doing my drills. How else will I learn to raise my knees if I’m pretty much slogging on all my runs (because I have to go so slowly right now… hopefully that won’t always be the case)? About 10 minutes in I stopped, paused my watch, and did the drills. The kids got a kick out of it. heh. I paused again about 15 minutes in to let the kids watch a momma deer with her twin fawns. I love how the deer come check us out sometimes on the trails. They stay back, of course, but they don’t mind being seen and I love that. Right after that I paused for a potty break and then I paused once more on the way back because I had a rock in my shoe. heh. Other than that I did really well. I felt like my perceived effort was more than usual, but it has been a while since I did a regular medium run, so maybe I just don’t remember. I was sweatier than usual, but I thought it would be cold and wore capris and a running tshirt. I really should have been in a singlet and shorts. heh.
BBG was hard. Heh. I did Pre-Training Week 3 Arms+Abs. My wrists hurts from all the pushups. The pushups themselves weren’t horrible (muscle memory? Or just stronger muscles perhaps?) but the mountain climber + pushups were ridiculous. I really struggled to get through them. I feel good for my effort and happy to have both of my workouts done by lunch!

Thursday 10/13 – Planned easy run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 1-2 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate, and BBG.  Completed 2.13 miles at 17:16 (wu 18:14, work 17:02, cd 19:10). I have been so behind on real life with baseball season eating up our evenings and weekends. I woke up this morning to find we had zero bread in the house. oops! So instead of running between kiddo drop offs, I went to the store. That left me fitting in a walk/run between kid pickups. It actually went quite well. I picked my middle child up as early as I could. Literally, I was there 15 minutes early sitting at the locked door. heh. We rushed over to the oldest child’s school and parked in prime carpool territory. I unloaded the stroller, loaded up the kids, and took for for 40ish minutes. There was a lot of walking (re: hills) but I managed to run some. The roads were a bit tore up and there were no sidewalks, but luckily I am used to that from living out in the country so no biggie.

Friday 10/14 – Planned rest.

Saturday 9/10 – Planned long run of 1 hr 5 min. 10 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 50 minutes work at 2 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate, and BBG.  Completed 4.14 miles at 16:53 (wu 16:07, work 16:33, cd 18:56). I had a hard time keeping my heart rate in check for this run. It felt like the worst yo-yo run in a while. I’m happy I got it done and proud I was able to deal with changing schedules and hectic days. I got my run done in the morning BBG work out in the afternoon. I was tired for BBG, but that is to be expected. Before I got to BBG I ran, went to a 4 hour conference and mowed/weed eated the yard. So all in all, I’m very happy for completion and very excited for Sunday rest day!

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