Heart Rate Training – week 3

Monday 9/5 – Planned medium run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. I was excited about this run. Because of the holiday, I get to run sans stroller. My husband is home so I get to go out alone. Unfortunately I woke up with a sore knee. I’m hoping it loosens up. Yesterday was a rest day, so I imagine I just slept on it wrong. At this point, the pain is focused in my knee and hip but also radiates down to my shin/ankle. So weird. I still have about a half hour before the sun comes up, so I’m hoping it loosens up in the mean time. Completed 3.07 miles at 14:10 (13:00, 13:36, 15:46). My leg didn’t really loosen up during this run but it wasn’t horrible. I may ice it later today if it doesn’t get better. I’ll do some more stretching too. It felt good being out there. Of course, I wanted to push the pace, but I was pretty comfortable running within the zone 3 heart rate. I say that, but my chart is all over the place. I guess that is because I really wanted to fly. It felt so good to not have the stroller. But that’s the whole point of this exercise, right? Learn to not push all out all the time. “All day, e’ry day” is not a good motto. Neither is “every d* day”. Not for me anyway. I should stick with “mix it up” or even “slow and steady” for now. bahaha. The last mile is so slow because I hit the cool down right before the steepest hill of my route. I was practically crawling trying to get my heart rate down. Not even kidding, my pace was 24:46 for the hill. haha!

I noticed yesterday that my shorts fit looser on my legs than they did before. I’m excited about that progress. I do wish I saw the same results in my belly so quickly, but I know I sabotage myself with diet so I am not surprised. Still, an awesome non scale victory.

Tuesday 9/6 – Planned interval run of 40 minutes. 15 minute warm up at 1-3 heart rate, 20 minutes of work (4x 3 minutes at 4-5 heart rate, 2 minutes at 3 heart rate), 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Back to school for the kiddos and back to the stroller grind for me. Completed 3.31 miles at 14:22 (13:33, 11:41, 15:23). Great run. I ran out to the bathroom for a potty break and then towards the park before I headed home. I did get stuck with a couple sprints on hills that were difficult, but all in all it felt good. I’m not sure if I was pushing myself harder or what, but the sprints were harder. I warmed up (mostly running) at a 13:42 pace. I near about killed myself (slight exaggeration… maybe) on the first sprint (8:36). The second one felt a little better (9:22). The last two were just hard (10:46 and 10:45). I was just glad when they were over. ha. I do wonder what my times would look like without the stroller but again, that’s not my life right now. It’s funny on my graph because you can see that I just take off at the beginning of my intervals. My first one, I was running at a 7:00 (the data actually says 6:60 lol) pace and then tapered to a 9:30 at the end.  The others weren’t quite so fast, but still dropped off considerably from where they began.

I did improve from last week. While I had a faster individual sprint last week, my time across the board was faster this week.

My left leg felt fine when I woke up, however my right felt a little off. I may just schedule an appt with my chiro to get them both looked at. It feels similar to when I was injured before and she would be able to tell me if it’s the same or not.

I’m thinking about just walking the run on Wednesday. I can easily walk it within the required heart rate zone. I wonder if that wouldn’t be a good move in order to protect my left. There is no way for me to be seen before my workout so it might be wise. It’s so hard to run at that pace with a stroller anyway. I end up run/walk/run/walk/run/walk so it may just be simpler to make it a walk until I improve with my HR training.

Wednesday 9/7 – Planned easy run of 40 minutes. 5 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 30 minutes work at 1-2 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate.  Completed 2.41 miles at 17:02 (16:18, 17:07). I walked. It was easy enough and my heart rate stayed where I needed it. My pace was actually pretty steady since I didn’t have to keep stopping to lower my HR. Maybe we’ll call this cross training and stick with the walking until I can run with my HR low.

I saw the chiropractor today. My legs look fine. I was so paranoid after my injury last fall. She recommended I get a foam roller, which I did. I’m going to be stretching daily and foam rolling daily. Hopefully this loosens things up for me.

Thursday 9/8 – Planned tempo run of 45 minutes. 15 minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 13 minutes work at 3 heart rate, 12 minutes work at 4 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate. Completed 3.14 miles at 14:37 (15:35, 13:40, 13:40). This felt good. I decided to just walk the warm up. It made sense. The same logic as walking yesterday’s run really, minus the effect on my legs. What is funny is that, while I avoided yo-yoing in the 1-2 range, I had some during the 3 range (13:40). So perhaps it comes from the initial “relearn how to run with a stroller” stage of the run. No matter. I was pretty steady when I got up to a 4 so that’s good (12:38).

A quick thought I’m struggling with this morning is my weight. According to some random BMI calculator I encountered, I am .1 BMI point away from being over weight. I have put on 10lbs over the summer since stopping BBG and starting to run. I don’t feel like I look big, but the number scares me. I also don’t like the belly fat so it’s not like the # is the only issue. Anyway, I wonder if I’m under eating again. I struggle so much to know what to eat and how much. The government site says I should be eating 2400 calories a day (not for weight loss). Spark people and my fitness pal and the like say I should be eating 1200 (with weight loss). Both of these, supposedly, take into account how much I work out. Looking at the symptoms, I think under eating is a possibility. I’m exhausted so often. But I don’t know what the magic number to aim for is. This is a problem for a T4 (dressingyourtruth.com reference there). I want data and numbers and facts so that I can formulate a solution. Instead I have mabies and guesses. The past 3 weeks I have burned 15000 calories (each week) according to my polar flow diary. I don’t know if that is just from working out or from working out and being alive (ha). I guess I could do the math. A quick google search says exercise > eating 3500 = 1lb weight loss. So then I’d need to eat 11000 calories a week? so that’s only 1500 calories/day. bahaha. I don’t even know if any of this is legit. The problem with the internet is the wealth of information without much way of finding what is true. I guess it’s a trial and error thing. I need to commit to a number and try to eat that for a prolonged time period so that I can see what happens. It’s hard though because I don’t want to commit to the wrong thing. What if I say I’ll eat ###, but I should be eating less. Then I gain weight throughout the process and am farther from my goal than where I started. But I don’t even have a goal. I just don’t want my weight to keep increasing. I stopped lifting so it’s not muscle gain. It could be bloat. I don’t know. I’m rambling this morning but it’s something that I need to put some real thought in to and figure out. I want to fuel my body well but I’m just not sure what that means.

Friday 9/9 – planned rest. I did a BBG workout this afternoon for my strength training. I took it easy and worked through each circuit once with 30 seconds of rest between the two. I rested a full minute and then repeated. It really wore me out. I’m still trying to figure out how this is all supposed to work. Rest is important. It’s important to do strength training. So… What am I supposed to do? heh. Lifting heavy does not feel as taxing as BBG, but it is hard on my hip. The bar itself is “heavy” for me, so I’m trying not to do any of that lifting right now. BBG is more body weight. The full body workout I did today (Week 2 – Friday) was all body weight, and my leg felt fine. It was sore after (but it’s pretty constantly sore) but I foam rolled and stretched. I’m trying to stretch at least twice a day and foam roll once (1 min per thigh, along the side, and glute). I also want to add some leg work to increase my strength in my gluteus medius (don’t I sound smart?). I struggle with simple leg abduction exercises so I know it is a weakness for me, and could be contributing to my leg pain. I’m comforted to know that the chiro doesn’t see anything really wrong (she diagnosed and helped me with my injury last fall), I know that if things were “right” I wouldn’t be in pain. So it’s all about figuring things out and preventing injury. Stretch, roll and strengthen. I’m checking out this video and really liking what he says. I may do more research on his site and check with my chiro and PT friend.

Saturday 9/10 – Planned long run of 1 hr 5 min. 10 Minute warm up at 1-2 heart rate, 50 minutes work at 2 heart rate, 5 minute cool down at 1-2 heart rate.  Completed 3.72 miles at 18:04 (16:09, 18:28, 18:17). This was hard. I was sick. I didn’t get up early (I slept 14 hours the night before) but I did want to get something done. I’m assuming the illness elevated my HR. I yo-yoed the whole time. Walking was too slow and my slowest run was too fast. So I couldn’t get in a groove at all. But I got it done and I’m proud I did it. I felt a little better afterwards although I was tired (of course).

Sunday 9/11 – planned rest.

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