Projects and Progress

Hey everyone! I’m still here!

I wanted to thank everyone for their support in this difficult time. We had a memorial service for mom on Monday, and will be burying her this Friday at the National cemetery here.

So I have to ask, is anyone still working on their Christmas presents? I have been off and on. It really depends on the day and how I’m feeling. My birthday was last week (I planned to have a big ol’ bloggy party, but you know) and I got some great birthday gifts!

Isn’t she lovely? I don’t really know what all she can do, but I’m learning slowly. She’s super fun to play with though! This was a gift from Derek’s parents.

I also had some birthday money, so I went out and got myself this!

How perfect is it? I AM IN LOVE! I used it to cut some pieces for my sister-in-law’s purse and it’s soooo much easier!

So with my new toys, here is what I’ve accomplished so far:

Crayon Roll-Up for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday. I’m not quite done and the birthday party was last week, but better late than never!

Kitchen Towel for a different friend’s wedding gift. Yes, kitchen towel – meaning one. I REALLY need to finish the companion!

{no, that’s not just a huge pile of mess}

{does anyone else have issues keeping their ring from spinning all the time}

Started working on the purse for my sister-in-law. I have the exterior and interior pieces put together. I added a pocket (oo! Fancy!) and put the magnetic snaps on the yolk. I’ve got a ton more to do, but it’s nice to get started.

The last thing I made is a fabric nesting box for my mom. I completed this project Tuesday evening, and was able to take it to her Wednesday (her birthday) morning. She never saw it, but I told her about it. We also put it to use holding all the birthday cards she got. The original plan was to make two of them. Because it was already cut, I put together the second one this past weekend. I’m going to give it to Heather, one of the hospice nurses who stayed with mom. She did the day shift and so I got to know her. She joked that she wanted a bin made for her from the same fabric. I know she was kidding, but I’m really grateful for the love she showed my mom, and really my entire family, during the last few days. Now I just need to figure out how to get ahold of her.

So the Christmas train isn’t completely de-railed! I may not be done by the end of the month, but at least I’ve gotten a head start! I do plan to post tutorials for the towels and crayon roll-ups. I’ll also {most likely} be making more detailed posts about the other projects I’ve done. At the very least I plan on going back through my posts and putting more links to my inspiration and to the patterns/tutorials I’ve used.

How are your Christmas presents coming along? Is anyone still with me?




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Hi! I'm Kristi! I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend. I'm a newbie to sewing and blogging, but I'm excited to get started! Sewing is the first hobby I've really had in a long time. In high school, I sang, I played the piano, I played in the band, I wrote in journals. I went off to college, got married, started a family, and lived a life without hobbies. How boring?! Then I started reading blogs. One thing led to another and soon I was at my co-worker's house borrowing her sewing machine! I haven't looked back since! Sewing is a release for me. It's so much fun to create beautiful and useful things. It's fun to be learning something new, and it's fun to share it with you! So welcome! Take a look around, and let me know you're here! I love to meet people and respond to every message I get! And I can't wait to meet you!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I can’t believe you liked those recipe boxes…they’re craptastic in my opinion, but I do love the paper print. So, thanks 🙂 I like your purse beginnings. I’m not sure I could ever get that good with my sewing machine, but I do enjoy sewing an occasional project here and there. I may have to steal your towel idea. Very cute.

    • It’s just inspiring to see that you DID THEM! haha! I’ve had mine with the intention of being redone, for about a year now. So hats off to you for doing them! And then an extra cookie for the pretty paper!

      I’m new to sewing but I do love it. Please do steal my towel pattern (once I get it posted). It’s really flattering that you are interested in it! It’s super simple and they turn out great. I gave my first set to my best friend as a house warming (and test-this-so-I-know-it’s-ok-to-give-to-other-people) gift. She loves them!

  2. Nice gifts you are making. I have a book done for my daughter’s birthday coming in Dec. I got it through Shutterfly. That’s done, now need to work on my calendars with my photos. I’ve not even looked at what photos I’m gonna use. I give those as gifts to some family and friends. Use my gift of photography for something useful. Sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. You are in my prayers It’s not easy to lose a parent. My dad’s been gone for over 20 years and I still think of him often. I’m visiting from OrgJunkie! Hugs to you.

    • Thank you for your prayers and support. I had thought about doing photo books for people, but I’m just not that great at taking pictures! haha! Since I started working at an art school I really see the value in a good photographer. It’s definitely a gift and I’m sure your family will be blessed by it.

  3. I do! I do! My rings slip too! 🙂 Which is not due to weight loss because I am definitely heavier than when I got married!!! But if you look at my ring finger it is seriously smaller when the ring goes around!! So weird! Love your projects! They look so nice! Love the kitchen towel!!

    • Ok I’m heavier too, AND I’ve noticed before that my knuckle is bigger but nobody ever believes me! haha! I’m so glad we’re on the same {slightly strange} page! What drives me extra batty is that the 2 rings don’t slide together. I know I could get them stuck together, but I like them apart… until they start sliding in different wonky directions! ugh!

  4. I have a sewing machine too but I the last time I used it it was three months ago! (before schools stops for the summer) I wiil start use it again in two weeks , when my son’s school starts! With two toddlers in the house I didn’t have the time for my sewing machine:)
    I like your projects! The kitchen towel rocks!
    Thank’s for stopping by my blog and for your comment!

    • I understand completely! Part of the incentive for my August challenge was to just get back to the machine. I can’t imagine having two toddlers in the house! haha! My little man is 18 months old and he is a joy but he definitely keeps my sewing to the evenings and nap times.

  5. Sorry about your mom. I bought a new Brother machine this year from Costco, for my 2 daughters too to augment my Bernina. Will be flying home Tuesday after 3 weeks in South Carolina and am ready to get back to sewing, although I did make my granddaughter a really cute tiered Dr. Seuss material birthday dress for her 3rd birthday.

    • I would love to make a dress for someone. A friend at work is about to have a daughter so I think she may become my model/muse. I see so many adorable dresses, but not knowing anyone with a little girl, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to make one. Have a safe flight and enjoy your machine when you get home!

  6. Hi Kristi!

    I’m so glad you’re back to crafting. Doesn’t it feel good to make stuff?

    I’ve got my sister’s hat knitted. It turned out really cute. Now I want to make one for myself. (If only I had the time.) I’ve got a baby dress almost knitted. I’ve got the bodice, seaming, and trimming left. So, a few more weeks of work.

    Today I took a break from knitting to sew. I decided to participate with Craft Hope’s latest project. They are making Christmas stockings for the survivors of the Alabama tornados. I whipped up a couple of simple stockings with a fun Santa print. They turned out pretty cute.

    Have you made any more progress on your projects?


    • Heidi! It feels AMAZING to be back to sewing. I first sewed the morning after my mom passed away. I made the basket for the nurse who took care of her. It was hard but very therapeutic.

      Do you have pictures of the hat? I’d love to see it! And the baby dress when you’re finished. I think I need to have a baby girl because I want so badly to make a little dress!

      I’ve never heard of Craft Hope. That’s awesome that they/y’all are making stockings for the people in Alabama. I started sewing in the spring so I haven’t gotten to try my hand at stockings yet. I would like to make some this year!

      No more progress on Christmas, but I did get 3 pair of pants hemmed. Don’t laugh, but these are pants I purchased 3+ years ago. At least I finally did it, yea? I also stitched up a hole in a pair of my hubby’s boxers. Exciting huh? but it’s the first real repair I’ve done so I’m super excited about it!

      The next few Friday’s I’ll be helping my dad go through Mom’s things so I don’t know how much crafting/sewing time I’ll have. Hopefully I can get back to it though. Maybe I can squeak out a little extra time in the mornings before the family gets up..

  7. Sadly, my ring does not spin at this time…. 😦

    • Ok marathon mama. How about you give me your stamina and I’ll give you my bony ring finger with the big knuckle? Fair? 🙂

      Also, I think about cheesecake all the time now and I totally blame you. I want the oreo one! I’m trying to convince Derek I need to drive up there. haha!

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