What’s going on with me, personally?

This is a multi-purpose blog. I want to share recipes, sewing, gifts, organization, and all the things that I love. It is however, a personal blog – which means I get to use it to get things out in the open sometimes and to air out my thoughts and feelings.

That’s what this is. So if you’re only interested in pretty things and tutorials, there’s no use in reading on (and I promise I won’t be offended!), but if you’re interested in a little bit of how my mind works and what’s going on with me, here’s a little slice of me.

My mother is sick. She has had cancer for years and has been such a fighter. What started as beast cancer has spread to multiple organs in her body. She’s still fighting, but years of chemo and medications are taking their toll on her. She has been in the hospital for a few months now battling blood infections. This has been hard on my whole family.

Seeing what my mother is going through has provoked me to examining my spiritual life and my beliefs. I began doing this Blog Bible Study and am currently on Chapter 9. I don’t remember the last time I did a bible study. I’m sure I did as an active member of my youth group growing up, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it.

Thus far, we have covered three major life focuses, and I have been working on each of them.

The first is God. I have started reading my bible every evening, and getting up early each morning to spend some time in prayer. This was rough at first, but I’m getting better at it and really do see a difference in my days. I pray so much more now than I ever have.
The second is my husband. I have been focusing on being biblically submissive to my husband. I try to help him, not to quarrel with him, and in general to be the wife God calls me to be. I have also started praying for my husband on a daily basis.
The third focus (which we are just now starting) is my son. This week I am trying to model my Christian life for him. I hadn’t thought about it before this study, but I realized that I do all of my praying, reading, etc while he is asleep. This is so stinking convenient! But it’s not really modeling anything for him. So this week I am starting a prayer time with the little man before bed. It’s nothing super long or anything, but I want talking to God to be a part of his daily life.

There’s some changes that have happened as a result of my studies. They were unintentional but I’m super happy about them. Apparently, when I stop focusing on myself and being selfish I start to do more around the house. I clean, I do the laundry/dishes, I water the yard, and I still have time to relax. Its like if I’m not moping, it takes way less time, so then I still have time to do the things I want. It’s crazy how that works!

So that’s all I want to say right now. I just re-read this and I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is. Maybe I wanted to share? Maybe I wanted to get somethings off of my chest? Maybe I’m just that bored (lol)? But if you read this far, kudos to you! And there’s a quick update on me!


About anestinthemaking

Hi! I'm Kristi! I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend. I'm a newbie to sewing and blogging, but I'm excited to get started! Sewing is the first hobby I've really had in a long time. In high school, I sang, I played the piano, I played in the band, I wrote in journals. I went off to college, got married, started a family, and lived a life without hobbies. How boring?! Then I started reading blogs. One thing led to another and soon I was at my co-worker's house borrowing her sewing machine! I haven't looked back since! Sewing is a release for me. It's so much fun to create beautiful and useful things. It's fun to be learning something new, and it's fun to share it with you! So welcome! Take a look around, and let me know you're here! I love to meet people and respond to every message I get! And I can't wait to meet you!

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  1. Each time I read your blog I feel more and more connected to you!
    Things have rough in my family life. I have been spending more and more time in prayer. And being engaged and preparing for marriage I have been reading and studying what it means to be a submissive and Godly wife.
    And recently both my fiance and I have been convicted about our complaining which usually leads to arguments.
    Thank you for sharing and know that I will be in prayer with you!

  2. Thank you for your prayers. It’s so nice to know that there are people out there going through the same things, or at least who understand. I’d love to recommend the book that I am reading “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.” It’s a great study and I’m really enjoying it.

  3. Kristi,
    I’m so sorry to hear your mother is so sick. You’ll both be in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Thank you Heidi. I struggled with whether or not I should post about it. It got complicated trying to explain things without giving anything so I made the decision. I’m glad that I did. More prayers are always appreciated and it feels good not trying to hide part of me from my posts.

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