Menu Planning – Yes, Again!

Let me start out by saying, I don’t want to write this entry.

I don’t want to meal plan.

I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!

Ok, someone ask me why I don’t wanna… seriously, ask!

I don’t know.

I have no clue why I am so adverse to meal planning – but I am. In the spirit of reorganizing my kitchen and life therein, I am going to give this a shot. Because this is all new to me, I’m still in the research process. I don’t want to dive in head first here – that might be too productive. So first, let me share some inspiration with you and some great how-tos I found.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time I’ve looked in to meal planning. The last time I did I saved these links, so I figured it was appropriate to kick off my linkies with them:

The Coupon Project – list of sale cycles for most grocery stores (great for looking ahead and seeing what may be coming on sale soon)
Org Junkie: Recipe Index Round-Up – a great linkie party full of recipe index pages, which each link to many more recipes (for when you just don’t know what to make)
Ask Anna: Meal Planning – very detailed how-to for setting up a system
Econobusters: Menu Planning – an ebook for planning menus monthly

Next, instead of making a list of links (which so many people have done), I’m going to link to Laura, who has already created one! It’s extensive and we can be thankful that this lovely lady has done the work for us!

Org Junkie: Menu Planning Resources –  Laura has such a great tool here! I’m specifically talking about the helper site (about half way down), but she also lists resources for recipes, couponing and special diets.

The last thing I want to show you, is probably the most helpful for me. These ladies have made the plans, and are sharing them with the world (FOR FREE)!

Simple Mom: Menu Planning Resources – This is the one I am leaning toward following. I love her idea of having set genres per day, and then making her meals to match.
Menus 4 Moms: Meal Planning – Links to multiple meal plans for different lifestyles.

Maybe Hopefully reading all of these great resources will help me turn my “I don’t wanna” into a “I’m gonna!” (wow that was cheesy, yea?)

So what about you? Do you meal plan? Have you tried it and failed? Have you never tried because you’re super super stubborn and silly about the whole thing? No, I guess that’s just me! Any tips, tricks or resources for me to check out?

On Monday I’ll be posting the menu planning system I decided to go with, so it looks like it’s nose in the books for me for the weekend! Hope everyone has a great one!





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Delightful Order
Serenity Now

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  1. I feel so much like you about meal planning. I just hate doing it. It so hard to do it each and every week.

    • I know it’s hard, but I think there is good in it. If you look at what I posted this afternoon, menu planning has already proved extremely helpful for me. I’d say give it a shot, even if it’s just for a week or 2. It can’t hurt, and you’ll know if it’s worth continuing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I feel ya. And I do it for all 21 meals each week, b/c due to being gluten-free, I have to make many of our foods from scratch like a 1950s mama. I have I think about ten meal plan posts with different ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s hard, but SOOO worth it. Especially for dinner.

    • Breakfast is hit-or-miss with us. On the weekends, I’ll make pancakes or eggs or something, but during the week we tend to not eat it (I know that’s bad). Lunch is at work so it’s leftovers or something in a can/box/bag that can be microwaved. Dinner is my project. Although, if this continues to go well I can definitely see the benefit in planning other meals as well.
      I have a friend who is Gluten-Free. I’m going to send her your site. She is always looking for good recipes to try for her family.

  3. I hate to decide what is for dinner. I don’t mind cooking I just want someone else to tell m what to cook. So my hubby and I came up with a menu board.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the post. My husband and son pick out the meals they want to eat. I then make a shopping list. That way no more “What do you want for dinner?” I look, I cook.
    Menu planning will save you money! Give it a try.

    • What a great idea! I’ll definitely impliment that when my son is a little older and can participate. I always worry that I’m going to “plan” for something my husband doesn’t want. Or something he doesn’t like – but forgot to mention that to me. I did get him to look over the menu I made this time, but he was very *shrug* about it. Hopefully he’ll warm up to the idea and get more involved in making meal choices!

  4. I’ve just started menu planning as part of the Pantry Challenge. Of course it would help if we actually followed the plan 🙂 LOL I have found that using the menu as well as taking inventory before grocery shopping has helped me save some money at the grocery store. That’s always a good thing! Good luck with your menu.

    • Thanks! I’m crossing my fingers and keeping an eye on the menu calendar! haha!
      My problem in the past has always been following the plan. This time I’m determined for these two weeks I W-I-L-L follow it. After that I can quit if I want, but for 2 weeks, I know what I’m eating.

  5. ooooh, Meal Planning….something I always mean to do, and never seem to get around to doing. :s Thanks so much for all the links to check out!! Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party, and for linking back. 🙂

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