The Kitchen – Making that Beauty Shine

Welcome to day one of my July Kitchen Challenge! I’m not sure I’ve called it a challenge before, but I am definitely challenging myself here!

I’ve been following Blessed Mama and the Blog Bible Study as they read through A Woman After God’s Own Heart. I’m a little behind, on chapter 2, but I’m really enjoying the weekly study. The first week, we were asked if there is any aspect of your life where you’re giving “good” or “good enough” when you could be giving “better” or your “best.”

I wrote about cleaning my kitchen/dining room – specifically the high chair. My son eats off of that. He drops food on it, picks it up, and puts it straight in to his mouth. He rarely gets sick *knock on wood* but is it hygienic for me to clean it “sometimes?” No! I vowed, June 19th, to clean it daily after dinner. To wipe it down with a rag and soap and water and clean it (yes, like normal people do). So far I’ve done it every day, with the except of last night when I fell asleep right after dinner). When I get home this evening, I will wash it before feeding my son.

My first goal in my July PoA  is to work on cleaning, and to continue to keep the kitchen table, chairs and high chair clean. This is a small goal, but I think it is important to mention. I don’t want to get great at cooking and meal planning and all of that, and give my son a dirty high chair tray. This is the most important thing. If I fail at every other thing I try this July, I will have a clean surface for my son to eat off of.

As I see it, there are three major parts to cleaning a kitchen:
1) floors
2) surfaces
3) dishes
How’s that for simplified?

Before I talk about how I will be fitting this in to my schedule, let me give you a quick look at evenings in our house.

My husband and son get home about 5:30. Braden eats dinner and they play until I get home a little before 7:30. Braden gets a bath and then it’s his bed time. When Braden goes to bed, I start dinner. We eat a little after 8, usually. At 9 I start getting ready for bed (put up laundry, brush teeth, that fun stuff) and at 9:30 I get in bed and read my bible for a half hour. At 10pm, I turn off the lights. I work Monday-Thursday and Friday’s I am home alone all day. Braden goes to his preschool and Derek works. My evenings are rushed because I work late. I need a cleaning schedule that is simplified and will allow me to keep things clean for my family, but not take away from the brief free time I have with them.

That said, I see two key times when I can quickly straighten up from our meals and that is right after Braden goes to bed, and right after we finish eating. While I’m waiting for water to boil or whatever, I can quickly wipe down Braden’s high chair and sweep up any crumbs off the floor. Then, after Derek and I have dinner, I can wipe down the table we eat at and the counters. I am blessed to say that dishes are handled by my husband. Before bed every night, he loads the dishwasher and runs it. I know! Be jealous! haha!

A quick sweep down isn’t enough for a kitchen floor though. Especially not with a 16 month old running around. So Friday mornings (remember I don’t have to work Fridays), I will get up and sweep/mop the kitchen. I don’t imagine it will take long at all, and I have the time to do it. I just don’t have the motivation – or didn’t have the motivation, now I do!

So that’s the plan for keeping the kitchen clean! Do you have a cleaning plan that helps you keep your kitchen (or any part of your house, really) clean? Any great kitchen cleaning tips for me?


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  1. uummm….with 5 kids just moving in, the only way the kitchen is staying even close to clean, is constant cleaning!!

  2. I did do a series on keeping the house semi-company ready if you are interested. Working outside of the home while trying to keep the house picked up is a little difficult. I’m assuming that your husband does a good job of splitting the clean-up 🙂 What works pretty well for me is I cook the dinner, someone else does the clean-up immediately after dinner. Of course it does help that my kids are 14 & 20, by that age they are a pretty big help. Before I go to bed I do a quick pick up of the kitchen and living room so it’s at least presentable even if it doesn’t pass the white glove test.

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